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Andrew Dawson

Andrew Dawson
United States
Stuff About Me:

Living in an organized society provides us with so much benefits that we can’t even imagine our life without all the security and freedom it provides us. But, just because we tend to take things for granted, doesn’t mean that they are easily provided, and it only takes one time for them to lack, for us to become completely aware of how essential they are. As a society, we enjoy so much perks, that it would take millions and millions of years for an individual to advance as much as the group advances in only a day or two, and even that is questionable. With work division, specialization in every field, and overall sense of security and safety, we strive to a better world, not paying any attention to the things which make all that possible.

The system provides us with elementary conditions for life and work, such as medical attention, physical and legal protection, any kind of aid, etc. There isn’t a man in the United States of America who can’t go to a hospital in the case of an emergency, and the firemen will take on every fire they have to, regardless of whose house or other property it is. If you are robbed and attacked in the street, the police officer will not need to like you in order to help you, he will do it because it is his duty and his job. Thee professional are performing responsible tasks in the society, and without them, the world we know would seize to exist. But why do they do such thing for us? You don’t give money or food to your children’s teacher in a public school, and yet, she or he comes to school every morning, and teach your kids about science, art, math, etc. If a police officer arrests a man who hits you, you don’t have to pay him, or take him to lunch. The government pays all the services and organizations which are essential for the society, and coordinates the entire system

But, if you think about it, you actually do pay all of those people, just indirectly. All the tax money you pay to the government is, among other things, used to pay the police, the public schools, the army, etc. Basically, by paying your taxes, you are purchasing security and your place in the system. Even though the tax money are always necessary for our society to function properly, we sometimes have to wonder, are the numbers we pay just too high? No one disputes the need for the public services and organizations to be paid, but is it really necessary to give over 40 per cent, in some cases, of your total earnings to the government? If you think you are being overtaxed, contact the best Fayetteville tax attorney, and get legal advice on what you can do to protect yourself. You can find helpful Arkansas tax lawyer info online, and get in touch with the professionals in the field immediately. 



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