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Hi everyone i want to say thank you first for taking the time out of your day to look at my fundraising page. My name is Andrew Ho and i'm currently a junior at UC Merced studying human biology to become a physician assistant in the future. I'm more than thankful for this opportunity to travel to my home country and to serve those who are unfortunate and cannot receive/afford health care. Being raised in America, i didn't realize how fortunate i was to receive this opportunities that other countries such as Vietnam can only dream of. If you didn't know, Vietnam is still a communist third-world country that still faces corruption and poverty. What i realized from my recent trip to Vietnam this previous summer was that in America people struggle everyday to make an honestly living. But for people in Vietnam, they struggle everyday to survive. This summer myself and approximately 60 volunteers including doctors and surgeons will be donating our time to serve those in need in Vietnam for 16 days.

I first want to explain what this medical trip is and who we are. Our organization GSMDM: Good Samaritan Medical Dental Ministry ( is a non-profit organization that travels to the city of Cao Bang in Vietnam where we serve the poor, share our love, and build relationships to those who can't receive medical assistance. This mission first started in 2000 and since then, our team has treated more than 50,000 people and performing 850+ surgeries. Our teams include primary care service where they diagnose and treat all types of diseases, dental care such as dental extractions, lab diagnostics that measure their glucose levels/heart rate/ and etc, vision care to donate prescribed glasses, pharmacy to give medications/multivitamins , and a surgery team that specializes in general/heart/face/ and etc. Each day we see around 300-400 patients and we want to make sure we can treat as many people as we can. Since our organization has to fundraise all of our medical supplies and equipment, and we all want to fundraise as much money as possible to treat as many people we can. The last thing we want to see is to tell a patient we can't do anything for them because we didn't have enough supplies/money to help them. We can't stress enough that every single dollar can change a life.

Now i want to illustrate how much different types of surgies cost in Vietnam compared to America.

                                        US                                Vietnam

Open heart surgery ~$165,000                        ~$2,000-$2,500

Cleft lips                     ~$12,000                          ~$200

Neck mass removal  ~$12,000                          ~$300

Cataracts                    ~$3,500                             ~$150


Now you can see why our organization pushes so hard to fundraise because we want to help people, we want to help our people, there is no better gift than knowing that you helped saved someones life. Please don't be discourage on the amount you donate, no matter how much you donate just know that the person on the other end receiving your donations for their treatment will be eternally grateful that you contributed to help save their life. I want to end this by saying thank you for reading this and it would mean a lot to our organization if you donated money or even help spread the word to your family, friends, co-workers, peers, and even your community. I hope you can help us so we can help others.

Thank You,

Andrew H.



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