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Let Live - תנו לחיות לחיות

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EVENT DATE: Mar 30, 2012

Andrey Stotsky


LET THE ANIMALS LIVE, a non-profit animal welfare organization, was founded in Israel in 1986 in an attempt to provide immediate aid to stray animals in distress. Rehabilitation and adoption of these abandoned animals are the goals of the organization. In addition the organization aims to educate the general public to understand and care for animals.

The organization does not practice euthanasia (mercy killing) of healthy animals
Over the past 20 years the organization has neutered 50,000 dogs and cats and homed 35,000 of them. Aid and veterinary care has been provided to tens of thousands of animals including horses, donkeys, crocodiles, dolphins, camels and virtually every kind of animal in distress as a result of abuse.

Thousands of complaints have been filed with the police, which have resulted in hundreds of civil suits as well as petitions to the Israeli Supreme Court. In so doing public awareness of the importance of protecting animals has been increased and led to the expansion of the Law against Cruelty to Animals.

LET THE ANIMALS LIVE also provides assistance to large enterprises with the treatment and breeding of animals on a no-kill basis. Lectures are given at schools and other educational institutions in order to improve the youth's attitude toward animals.


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