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Andre Yates

Andre Yates
Pittsburgh, PA United States
Stuff About Me:

We can do no great things – only small things with great love.— Mother Teresa

FACT: Did you know that in 2015 a whopping 149 wrongfully convicted people were exonerated? 149! That's the most ever in a single year!!! These innocent people were in prison because of misconduct and false confessions. Many had served lengthy prison sentences. The average exoneree had served nearly 15 years for crimes they did not commit.

This leads us to a story about Andre Yates who had made plenty of mistakes in his past as many have, but worked hard to turn his life around not only for himself, but for his wife and his children. 

For the past 13 years Andre has been serving a life sentence in prison for murder, a crime he was wrongfully convicted for. A crime he could not have committed based on the lack of evidence.

It was Andre, who in his naivity, did not press charges against a man, a heroin addict for robbing him and taking his money because he didn't feel like the prison sytem was a place that could help him. That decision only came back to haunt him and get him framed for that mans girlfriends murder. Sure, Andre has made his fair share of mistakes but murder was not one of them. He was set up and not given a fair trial and the same system he worked so hard to stay out of was the same system that set him up and landed him in prision for life. All because he was an "easy target".  

But Andre is not only resilient, he is determined to continue to fight for his freedom as he has since day one. He is determined to prove his innocence. He is determined to find people who believe in fairness so he can possibly get a another chance at life and another chance to be a father to his children who are growing up without him. Which of course has devastated him and those who love him.

Andre has found an attorney who is willing to "be the judge." She will review his case and prepare an opinion letter on her findings. Her services however  are not cheap which is why he needs your help. The immediate costs needed to prepare the opinion letter is $4500 and the minimum fee should she decide after preparing the opinion letter to take on the case will be $15,000.00 (minus the opinion letter fee.)  

If you as Andre's friends and family feel it in your heart to give "small things with great love" you will help Andre move one step closer to his dreams which is to be free. To prove to people with the help of a new lawyer (God willing) that he is innocent, that he, like so many others have been wrongfully convicted. 

Any amount given no matter how small will be appreciated and 100% of the proceeds from this fundraiser go to the Andre Yates legal defense fund which is administered by members of Andre's family on his behalf.



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