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Andy Ellwood

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Experience Camps
Experience Ca… SAYS:
Dear ExCamps Crowdrise Donor…
Dear ExCamps Crowdrise Donor,
I am so thrilled to announce that Experience Camps is the GRAND PRIZE winner of the Life is Good Challenge!

In addition to the $130K we raised through your donations and support, we won $50K for being the organization that raised the most money during this campaign!

Thank you so much for helping us reach our goal, for supporting the people who feel passionately about this cause, and most importantly, for giving more kids the opportunity to make Experience Camps a part of their lives.

You have truly made a difference.

Have a great weekend!
2 years ago
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Wiley SAYS:
Andy, Thank you for this don…
Thank you for this donation and gift! I truly appreciate it and I know the campers obviously do. Normally I would never follow up a donation with another ask, but if you could take one minute to read the below message, I would REALLY appreciate it. This week has been extremely difficult for me, but even more so for a camper of mine. Below will explain...

Curran Archer's dad died when he was seven years old, and I am deeply saddened to share that his mom just died two days ago. He has now lost his dad and his mom, and he has no siblings. We don't have favorite campers at camp, but if we did, Curran would be on that list for me--he has been my camper for 7 years! He is an incredibly caring, thoughtful, and courageous young man. Curran and I have been in contact with one another, and I am going to his mother’s funeral this Thursday.

I’ve organized to take Curran and a group of 15 campers to a Patriots game on the 20th. We’ve rented a big tailgate bus with games and a grill to go with it. There is never a good time for this sort of thing to happen, but the holidays are especially tough, and I’m hoping that seeing some friends will be good for him.

Thank you for supporting us and for supporting kids like Curran- we try to give them another place they can call home and a group of people who look out for them like family, especially since they have few family members around.

Normally I would NEVER EVER do this after someone has donated, but Curran has created a Crowdrise page, and all donations are to honor his mom. Would you mind tweeting or posting his page on facebook? The page had only $250 as of yesterday, so we are hoping we can get a bunch of new donors for him before the campaign ends at the end of the day today. Here is his page

Please also retweet my twitter post-

or visit my facebook page and share my post about Curran’s campaign.

Thank you again for your support. You are a good friend and I truly appreciate it.


2 years ago
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Neil SAYS:
Friends Thanks to you I’m n…

Thanks to you I’m now an NYC marathon runner and together we raised over $3000 for Camp Interactive. You guys are amazing and it was worth every bit of pain and then some.

Yesterday began with 4 hours in a desolated Staten Island field. Thousands of shivering, wind-battered refugees huddled together wearing trash bags and plastic sheets. If you’ve seen the news reports, yes it was that cold and that windy. The general consensus amongst the runners sheltering near us was of collective madness. Woefully underdressed I scrounged a mismatched set of gloves, a couple of neck warmers and hacked a mate’s spare long-sleeved running top into a pair of running tights (thanks Andrew). The feeling in my toes came back around mile 3. This one was not going to be a record breaker.

The rest of the race was a happy blur of music and camaraderie, with highs in Brooklyn and Harlem, lows on 1st avenue (it never ends) and then the incredible final run through Central Park. Wobbly legs and ankles are forgotten as you cruise the last mile to the line. Fantastic and memorable feeling all achieved whilst wearing another man’s sweater as pants.

Today the legs don’t work too well, the feet are mess but my smile is wide. Thank you all once again for your generosity and support. You’ve done a very good thing and I was happy to play my part.

3 years ago
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Emma SAYS:
Dear all, We have finally r…
Dear all,

We have finally reached our goal of raising $7800 for Help Them HOPE. I am so grateful to each and every one of you for giving. I will be sharing some recent photos with you in the upcoming weeks of the Help Them HOPE center in Peru and the students that are benefiting from your unbelievable generosity. All I can say to each of you is that I am so grateful to have each of you in my life, and I know that the students and staff at Help Them HOPE send so much love and thanks your way!

Much love and many thanks from me to you,

6 years ago
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Shahriar SAYS:
A December Vote sent your wa…
A December Vote sent your way... Also, Wishing you a Holiday filled with the warmth of caring, the joy of giving , and the love of friends and family.
A return vote would make you the most awesome person ever!
please join or donate if you may and encourge others as well.
Defeat World Hunger:
6 years ago
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Carol SAYS:
October vote!
October vote!
6 years ago
Mark SAYS:
Sending a January Friend Vot…
Sending a January Friend Vote Happy New Year!
Add me as a friend if you like :)
7 years ago
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Robert SAYS:
Keep up the great work! 7 Co…
Keep up the great work! 7 Continents Wildlife Society will be up and running in about 4 weeks. A great team dedicated to the preservation and rehabilitation of our Earth and everything on it. Here's an August vote. DON'T FORGET: If you like one of my projects and would like to join, please do so! Thanks
8 years ago
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Andy Ellwood
New York, NY United States
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