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Housing & Recovery, Inc.

www.ANEWLIFE.US Tax ID 74-2580079


Taking care of, and helping build new lives for, our homeless Veterans                                                           since 1990.
Giving our homeless Veterans the Respect, Safety, Love and Care they              earned and so richly DESERVE in the Nation that they fought for.    

To assist America's homeless Veterans
in their quest for A New Life, and in their recovery from substances, and in their coping and living with PTSD by achieving an improved self esteem, thereby promoting an improved quality of life, through sobriety education, employment readiness and placement assistance and affordable housing in a homelike environment. 

Th' FIRST thing we NEED to do is THANK Crowdrise, their wonderful sponsors, Mr. Jeffrey Wolfe and certainly "Falco" for making this page possible !  Without THEM, MANY of us (ourselves AND other participants) wouldn't even be ABLE to BE here !   Thank you, T H A N K   Y O U ! !  :-)  <3

The person who created this page is probably preparing something riveting to post about everything they're doing to give back and what YOU might do to help. We recommend you sit at your computer and hit refresh over and over until their story goes live. You should also scroll down and see if they have a fundraiser going so you can support 'em.  ;-)

TH' BASICS:  It costs $1,100.00 - $1,300.00 a month, just to keep our doors open for our homeless Veterans. That doesn't include groceries, food for our little mascot, Sierra, and things like cleaning supplies, kitchen "things," i.e.: aluminium foil, plastic wrap, plasitc "Zip-Lock" bags, dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, potty paper ( <-- MUY imporTANTE !  ;-) ), etc.  With a full house (8 folks), that's $138.00 - $163.00 per person. Breaking it down even farther, its $31.85 - $37.62 per person, per week. We currently take in, by way of private donations, about $ 900.00 monthly.  THIS is what your Veterans . . . Y O U R ( ! !) Veterans ! . . . have to exist on.  Those still on th' streets have even less and have no SAFE place to sleep, bathe, eat and/or relax.
     N O W - - - let's look at what you already spend; At a national average cost of $1.38 per cup of coffee ( I don't know WHERE these people get their figures ! ), that’s an annual spending of $358. That's LESS THAN O N E ( 1 ) . . . that's right ... O N E ! ! ... cup a DAY !   What's that ?  OH !  You're a Starbucks drinker ? It’s three times as expensive !  According to th' figures above, that's $1,074 a year or $2.94 a day.  A cuppa COFFEE ? ?  At STARBUCKS ? ! ?  $2.94 ? ! ?   SURELY you JEST ! ! But let's move on . . .  :-)
   For $19.37 a week . . . that's only TWO cups of coffee a day,at the above prices ... it only takes two (2) people's donating to support ONE HOMELESS VET !    THESE are the people who put their LIVES on th' line to protect and defend our GREAT Nation and Her citizens . . . you and me !