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Angela-Rectal Cancer



I was 36, single mom of two teens when I was originally dx. I had been sick for some time but refused to accept that I needed to go see the dr and that I might need a scope. Until it got to where I no longer had a choice. I was forced to go when I got so sick I couldn't hold food down. In less than 3 hours, my world would change when I was told I had stage 3b rectal cancer. I immediately got new doctors, got a port, started chemo and radiation within weeks. I had my big surgery Aug 2, 2011 to remove my tumor, apx 2 foot of my large intestine, radical hysterectomy, do a temp ileostomy, and appendectomy. The ileostomy leaked so bad that it was taken down in 2 mths. Then I got a major infection and the wound had to be reopened just a week after surgery and packed every day for 2 months until it healed. Chemo restarted again for 6 months.

In the meantime, I'm on medical leave at work. I was living off long term disability. I went back to work somewhat against doctors advise May 1st, 2012 part time, full time June 1, 2012. I was let go Nov 2012. No reason given. In Jan 2013, a regular scan showed that I had some active nodules on my lungs. They were spreading and clustering. A Pet scan was ordered in March and it revealed I had liver tumors. A biopsy concluded in March 2013 that it was indeed liver mets. I had surgery April 16, 2013 to remove the left lobe of my liver, part of the right lobe to remove the 3 tumors. Chemo started in May 2013. Folfiri/5FU/Avastin. Since that time I've dropped the 5Fu since it caused extreme chest pain for me. I've got 2 more treatments to go. And I've had a CT scan that showed I have one stable nodule on my left lung around my heart area and my liver has either a cyst or lesion on the right side. A PT scan will be done either the end of October, early November to determine what is going on. I will follow up with my liver surgeon at that time. Some friends of mine suggested I apply. Life is so precious. I pray I get to see my children marry and see grandbabies one day. No rush. I've started a bucket list. I want to actively start participating in life. No more sidelines stuff.



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