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Angela Scott-Cox

Angela Scott-Cox
Raeford, NC United States
Stuff About Me:


  On April 1, 2011 my Army husband abruptly abandoned me & my 3 feline furkids here in NC. I was left with no money, not transportation (he took off in our car), no help nor support (financial or otherwise), and as a homemaker with debilitating illnesses (which leave me unable to hold down employment) I was instantly destitute and totally alone. While my credit was still good I took out a loan and several credit cards to sustain myself those first couple of months (& buying things in preparation for life as a vagrant), but I was soon evicted, homeless & living in car for that first year+. Despite repeated attempts I received No aid, let alone little attention or sympathy, from local, state sources or the Army (being an Army wife for over 15 yrs & the only reason I'm here is due to being moved by Army -our new station Ft. Bragg). Even the lawyer I borrowed more money to retain had no empathy for my dire situation, dismissive of what “I” wanted / needed him to do & even got angry with me when I referred to NC laws pertaining to my case; he accomplished nothing except causing me more grief. Advancing my adversities & despair (only further proving how worthless my Self was/is) both NC statutes and Army regulations were not adhered to and eventually defeated, I gave up on both the Army and the lawyer. Living out of a car is very difficult to say the very least, so I resorted to posting a CL ad in which I explained my circumstances, my need of some kind of shelter in exchange for me performing housekeeping, yardwork, pet care, & finally I did receive a non-creepy, legitimate offer. Thus I found shelter (however precarious) and, as I've done from the very onset of this calamity, continue selling off everything I own & that I make to sell as this Is My ONLY source of any sporadic, inadequate income -and at times with help from others such as my few far-off kin & kith.  

 The only reason I have a car at all is because I discovered where my husband was staying after he took off & prior to his impending move or “PCS” to HI (military term for “Permanent Change of Station”-being moved to one's new station or base/post), which was to be our next move. So I towed the car, had a new key made and kept him from taking it back -as I knew I'd need it to live in beyond for transportation. And actually for a year the car was broken down, I could no longer afford insurance nor taxes on it, and it was about to be repossessed when a “guardian angel” lent me the money to pay it off, get it repaired, paid up, insured (& put a trailer hitch on it to enable me to haul trailer when finally able to move). 

 In June '14 my estranged husband left the military & returned to his home-state of NE, which I only learned of when I saw an unhidden online post of his because since the day he took off he's refused to have any communication with me. And although I've had little interaction with the Army, since sadly they'd essentially deserted me as my husband had, I was completely dependent on the health care/insurance it provided so being without it I've been off my treatment plan of medications & therapy for my life-long mental illness & cannot go to any doctors for my ongoing, multiplying physical illnesses. Thus all my ailments have been further exasperated, intensifying my struggles & distress, and both my mental & physical health is poor, further deteriorating throughout this my unending crisis & being stuck here! 

 Moreover what little sustenance I have had here is quickly running out -I'm down to what few things I've left (& make) to sale or try to sale and I'm increasingly reliant on aid from others (including the man I stay with sharing his groceries with me/us). With earnings from online sales, my freelance artistry & money gifted to me I was able to cover another 6months of car insurance (through Feb.), which I foremost require to facilitate my cross-country move & potentially to live out of again as my shelter here becomes more tedious and unsafe. I truly have no means of sustaining myself or us here any longer AND after over four very long years of left stranded here in literal survival mode & perpetual tribulation while my circumstances have become more & more grave and hopeless which brings a great urgency to relocating.  

 My 3 girls/my feline furkids who are my only companions & comfort and their need of me, love for me are the Only reason I'm still here breathing and do my best to keep suffering onward. Throughout these painful years I've had no life, I simply 'exist', I accomplish what I can with my limited health/functionability & do my best to get through it moment by moment...But it's never enough nor good enough & every day, month, year blurs into the next in such incessant hardship, sickness, uncertainty, anxiety, depression, etc., with no joy, fun, no holidays, no respite throughout it all. Only my furkids have provided any goodness and give me some strength, as I'm beyond exhausted, harmed, devastated, ruined (emotionally, financially, etc.!). Moreover still being stuck here in this state/this detrimental community where even prior to becoming impoverished and homeless I was abused, harassed, bullied (on & off-line), stalked, threatened (with bodily harm & even death), physically & sexually assaulted, & almost died here... Well, it's a very grievous environment that only compounds my extreme need to escape it-amidst the other contributing factors. Yet when I'm unable to provide for even my (our) basic needs I obviously have no $ to save up for a however desperately needed, long overdue move!  

 IN CONCLUSION - Only moving back to the West Coast empowers me to have a future, to once again have hope! I've friends & some family scattered about WA, OR, CA (all the states I grew up in), some of whom have offered their aid, and being in a supportive, compassionate environment would be a huge improvement in itself. Although I've no actual home myself I'm returning to/settling in Oregon, where I'll be applying for local, state, government assistance, including critically needed heath care, and reapplying for Disability (a lengthy process but I've a better chance of approval there) -overall there's more opportunities and help I truly need there. Despite the unknowns relocating to familiar, positive, advantageous surroundings is vital, and I've faith that things will improve & sort themselves out, esp. being near or nearer to loved ones. My biggest hurdle remains being able to achieve this pressing cross-country move because only with this move will I/we Live & be able to get back on my feet (& paws)!  

 Truly my very Life/our Lives, health & well-being, future is dependent on this critical move/relocation, which requires funds/money AND SO ONLY with your generosity, support, caring will this vital move-return home & very Life be possible!!! Whatever you are able to afford now or in the near future (though need to move sooner than later!) will bring me closer to my goal amount (of all moving expenses totaled up-see below), & there are various ways to donate.   Any/all help is Truly Needed & Immensely Appreciated! Please Share My Donation Page/Plea with others. Thank You so very much!   ~ Angela K. Scott-Cox + Cindle (18 yrs) & Kira & Bonney (sisters, 6 yrs).

 - - - -


Uhaul Rental Trailer- $405 (price without taxes)

My Car '06 Pontiac V8 sedan (hauling a trailer really lowers MPG! thus higher fuel costs)- $900-1000

Food/Drink/Etc.- $125-150+

Cats-Vet (require up-to-date shots for traveling across state lines & sedatives as needed for their travel stress)- $245

Additional Taxes, Any Potential Car Repairs/Emergency &/or Unforeseen Expenses - $300++?

 TOTAL approx. = $2500+*  { *In fact, I'll need to raise over my goal amount in order to cover site's fees! }

--->  * If goal amount is surpassed (that is after covering site's fees) any additional monies received will be applied to relocation costs I'll incur once back in West (Oregon), such as for gas, food, possible motel expenditures, insurance, etc.. <--

   TY!!!  :)


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