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Amanda Gates' Fundraiser:

AngelicIntuitives will go where no one else will.

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Amanda Gates


It’s never easy to ask for help in situations such as an evil presence, you may not even know who to ask? We at AngelicIntuitives.Org are here to help you with whatever your problem may be as our Owner/Founder Carolyn has been there. If you have seen The Conjuring: The Truth Behind the Movie, Harrisburg Haunting then you know what Carolyn had to go through. Many of us at AngelicIntuitives.Org have had to make the very same decision you are making now, and is especially pertinent where children are involved like in Carolyn’s Case.

We do not have to enter your home to clear it all we need is the address that needs clearing, it may sound strange but this is done remotely through the help of our Angels and Heavenly Father.

There are however times when we need to travel to the location of an incident to help with a cold case. all work we do is completely free of charge to the individual we are helping and this is why we need donations so that the burden of expense does not fall upon us.

We guarantee that you will no longer have issues and there will not be any residue(s) left on the property. We clean up negativity as well as other apparitions that should not be there and are not welcome.

We do not use; Sage Herbs, Candles, Holy Water, Salt, Olive Oil, Incenses (ect)

These items no longer work on the spirits; it’s just as how you become tolerant to medications the spirits become tolerant to those items.

AngelicIntuitives.Org will go where no one else will.



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Amanda is working on selecting a charity so you can support AngelicIntuitives will go where no one else will..