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"Angels in the Corridor"

Organized by: Deborah Green

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Angels in the Corridors Hello Everyone, My name is Lynne, and my request is simply to raise funds to help pay for nursing school. I started working when I was 14 years old because I was trying to help my mother escape the most silent crime on earth; the horrors domestic violence. I've read the grim statistics about some girls who come from backgrounds where there was domestic violence in the home: - Drug Addiction - Alcohol Abuse - Prostitution - Depression - Mental Illness - Endless Cycles of Victimization - Suicide I had a breaking point one night when I was seventeen years old. I was trying to stop my father from beating my mother, and he unleashed his fury on me. I ran away from home that night in the middle of a severe thunder storm and I never went back. I bolted out of the front door into the thunder, lightening and rain, with bare feet, scratches on my arms, and donning a soiled nightgown. I ended up in the lobby at a Motel 6, soaking wet, mud-covered feet, disheveled hair and looking like one terrible mess. The hotel manager, I don't remember her name, but she was a nice white lady. She let me stay there a few days and she brought me clothing, and food and water every day. She was an angel. Fortunately, I was able to avoid the more adverse realities that some women face who are domestic violence survivors by living a quite life and being careful about lifestyle choices, but for the longest time, I carried this haunting guilt that I was a bad girl, and a bad person, for running away from home because of the social stigma attached to teen girls who run away from home. I don't know what happen to my dad that made him violent toward my mother, but I came to forgive my father who's been dead now for 27 years. I choose to remember the great times we had together as a family before things went wrong, like the back yard barbecues, adventurous family vacations, him teaching me how to be a world-class softball pitcher, us planting fruit trees together, and me riding motorcycles side-by-side with my dad on a rural country road. I was 24 years old when my dad passed away from a long battle with lung cancer. When I realized that I only knew my father as this one dimensional character who was suppose to play a certain role in my life, I came to realize that there were many things that I didn't known about my father, such as, what his frustrations and disappointments were, what life was like for him when he was growing up, what dreams did he have for himself before he became my dad, what were the sacrifices that he made for me, and what were his greatest fears. My focus of the fond memories of him has been the therapy to help me cope with the agonizing trauma that domestic violence inflicts upon the soul. It's not easy to talk about the childhood traumas of the dark ages of my life because they open afresh painful wounds that I've spent a lifetime trying to heal. My intent in writing this letter is not to air my family's dirty laundy, but my appeal in writing this letter is to raise money to pay for nursing school expenses. In an effort to explain the reason for the appeal, I also raise awareness about our most silent trauma, and its soul- destroying tendency, domestic violence. I eventually moved to California when I was a teenager and worked as a hairdresser for several years. I enjoyed my work, but the pay was barely enough to make a decent living on. But through it all, I've never turned my hand away from helping anyone who was in need, whether it was volunteering at a battered women's shelters and providing free hair care services for battered women and their children, or giving to a homeless woman who was in need of sanitary napkins, baby diapers and baby formula, or the stranger on the street who said he was hungry and asked if I could buy him some breakfast. I've never turned anyone away empty and many times I gave away the money I had set aside for my own food. I always gave something, and by doing so, I always felt that I helped lighten someone's burden if it was only for a moment. In closing, I end this story and my fundraising request by saying, sorry for being so long in sharing this part of my life experience, especially to those who don't like to read a lot, but I think it's important to know some details about someone's life that you're considering extending help to. I chose to finish my remaining work years in healthcare. I left California to take advantage of an opportunity to go to nursing school. I'm currently working part-time as a Nurse Assistant at a long term care facility from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. I attend school during the day and I'm working toward a Bachelors in Nursing Science. One of my greatest challenges is shortfalls in income because nurse assistants make very little income, but I've fallen in love with nursing. I've found that helping people at their most vunerable time is a tremendous joy to me. I'm trying to raise $30,000 to help with expenses while I'm in nursing school for the next three years. It will help ease the financial strain that I feel from not having transportation to get to and from school and work, paying for science books that cost sometimes $200-$400 per text book, and always having to register late and start class late and then try to catch up because the funding wasn't there when I needed it. Once I finish nursing school, I plan to continue to work in the long-term care side of nursing. I consider nurses "angels in the corridors," and I want to be one of them, like the hotel manager I met in the hotel lobby years ago. They work long, dedicated hours walking throughout the corridors of care facilities all over the world. fulfilling their call to duty and caring for those in need. Up until now, I've worked, sacrificed, and paid my way through school, but the escalating cost of schooling has made it increasingly more difficult to pay what schools are asking for, so I'm asking If you can help in any way (especially nurses), I promise the funds will be use for the purpose that I'm requesting them for. Anything you can help with is greatly needed and greatly appreciated. And when I'm able, I'll always look for charitable causes that I can support. Thank you. Sincerely, Lynne


Organized by

Deborah Green

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