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Angels & Doves Inc

We are raising money for 2017 that will take us into schools nationwide. We Educate/Prevent/Intervene in bullying injuries and bullying suicides. We promote Mental Wellness/Physical Well-Being/Suicide Prevention. Help us match The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation grant of $19,950 to put us in more schools nationwide in 2017. Tax ID 38-3843014


  "Breaking Bullying"

Bullying is now a nationwide epidemic in grades K-12.  Nearly 1M students stay home EVERY week due to the fear of going to school and being bullied. Additionally, 282,000 secondary students are "physically attacked" monthly in school....that is alarming!


Angels & Doves is a 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to traveling the nation and changing the climate in our schools.  We give a very factual presentation that includes the defintion of bullying, the four types of bullying, the traits of the bully and the victim, what bullying looks like, where it happens, how to intervene in and prevent bullying and how to protect yourself! 


We introduce The Bull Program to the students, which gives them the option to become a "peacekeeper" within their student the end of our presentation when we ask how many students would like to become "The Bull"....100% of them raise their hands! This is our case study that proves students do NOT want bullying in their school.