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Anicira Veterinary Center

Reducing medically unnecessary euthanasia by keeping dogs in homes and out of the shelters. Anicira provides affordable veterinary care and offer foster-based adoptions. Tax ID 20-8358468


<p>Anicira is a nonprofit organization that works to improve the quality of life for the cats and dogs in our community.  Anicira exists to serve the needs of our patients and we recognize the dignity of every cat and dog.</p> <p>Anicira began as Shenandoah Valley Spay/Neuter Clinic in 2005 with the mission to end medically unnecessary euthanasia (animals being put down because of length of stay in a shelter, or being in an overcrowded shelter).</p> <p>While doing this lifesaving work, the clinic began to see other needs in the community. We saw families unable to keep beloved pets because they couldn’t afford veterinary care. Our services grew to include affordable services like preventative care, dentistry, heartworm treatment, and humane euthanasia.</p> <p>In 2014 we changed our name to Anicira Veterinary Center to encompass all of our services, and in 2016 we started a foster-based adoption program to keep dogs out of at-risk situations.</p> <p>Since opening, we’ve cared for more than 130,000 cats and dogs in the Western, Central and Northern parts of Virginia - from large feral cat colonies to 200 lb Mastiffs, and thousands of orphaned shelter animals of all kinds. We work together with animal welfare organizations both nonprofit and government-operated, small and large, to stop medically unnecessary euthanasia of companion animals</p>