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Animal Lovers Of Richmond Va Inc

Shelter Animals Need Miracles Too

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We are raising funds for Barbara Kuklock and Tammy Van Dotson who have pulled over 2000 animals from a high kill shelter  in rural Southwest Virginia over the past year and a half.  They need a front wheel or four wheel drive cargo van, capable of handling mountain roads in the winter, that has heat and air in the cargo space.  Two to three times a week, the women start their mornings at 3 am and drive approximately 11-20 animals 5 hours each direction to meet up with transporters to take the animals to different rescue groups.  In addition, these women spend all week visiting the shelter, taking animals to the vet, calling rescues, setting up transports, and saving the pets that otherwise have no future.  They also need gas money and materials/money for sheds/dog runs to protect against the cold weather on its way.  If the animal is about to be killed at the shelter, the women pull the animal and take care of it at their homes until a rescue or foster comes through.  Not all of the pets can be saved, but every one counts.  After you look in the eyes of each of these dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies, Barbara and Tammy are the ones who show the pets that there are kind humans out there that don't chain you up, starve you, breed you numerous times, or neglect you.  We appreciate every dollar because it really does help.  Thank you!