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Animal-therapy Fosterhome&boarding

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I am passionate about my love for animals. I have spent nearly 2 years paying $1,000 per month for my dog. Between boarding, food, training & tips given to helpers for watching my love for me, I have spent so much on helping my dog live the happiest, healthiest life. I have a group of locals that all require something to do on their spare time & have love for animals. Now, I'm not looking for a hand-out, but donations will be accepted via. Online payments. I'm not rich; but I do have a little bit of money I'd like to invest. And I was thinking what better way to help the community, but by giving animals the true therapy & care that they need to live happy, fortunate lives. The donation would be too buy some property where suitable for the animals to have the luxury of space & play room. I'm thinking like a smaller lot on the somewhat close outskirts of town. So that there is another luxury of peace and tranquility. The animals would need tons of room & space to run freely. There would have to be many highly trained employees. People who manage animals in a calm and peaceful manor. There would have to be tons of space for the animals to get everything they ever needed for therapy while at their stay of the animal shelter. I would need to have adequate amount of space to board, cater to, and separate the animals. As well as an outdoor fenced in area, maybe with a dog pool (one built say, 1-3 feet deep from shallow to it's depths) and adequate amount of room for feeding, time out rooms, (if ever God forbid an animal does not like the other animal) a free vet center that takes care of the dogs health and needs. Just the necessities and the rest should be helped by owner. And a couple of play room and feeding rooms. I guess I never calculated how much space will really be needed. But That is why I hope to raise so much money... There would only be highly trained professionals/highly screen co-professionals. It would be like Disney Land for dogs. Minus the dogs didnt need to pay any $. The place also needs to be fair but affordable for pets & THEIR OWNERS TOO. It would need tons of toys, Tons of pedigree food. At least a stock up of food for the first year (keeping in mind we would need variety.) Wet food, raw diet, leashes, collars, treats, light dog-jackets (for the winter) booties, about 1000 sets of everything on a dogs necessity list. It would also need to have security cameras, protective fences, tons of staff, a set up for employees: with a coffee room, break room, office, etc.. It would even need extremely thick walls of cement and to be somewhere far away from wildlife and trees/etc... (Safety precautions from Forrest fires)it would need to have many safety precautions and provide high equality structural stability as well as excellent resources and assets. I plan to have my dream career as well as a safe and profitable environment for both the guests and the animals. There would be a cat center, an aquatic center, and a place for all animals that live in our community. Whether it be fish, small gerbils, mice, etc... All the animals. Where the people wouldn't be scared to leave their animal in the care of someone else. Keeping in mind the animals would need space & sanctuaries. It would need adequate everything... Keep in mind all the health requirements and health necessities. Access to an emergency shuttle to the 24hr vet emergency center. And adequate amount of supplies for the first 1-3 years before opening. This may become a millionaire center, but there could be chains of them once enough money was raised. I'm hoping to hire enough people to find donations that at least one million people will donate a dollar. It's a dream of mine since a young child to nurture and care for dogs properly: that the animals will be free of the streets. We would test the animals and strays brought in to make sure they were of best health with no disease. It would be very well kept & brough to by sophisticated people with the help of YOU. You could be a founder/co founder of the program "Animal Therapy. Every donators name would be put on the wall for the dogs to see when they stayed at the center. It would be such a blessing to leave this planet knowing I changed animals lives forever. :) That would be the best feeling. Thanks so much. Even $1 would help. Thank you everybody. - Diamond



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