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CROWDRISE : Jun 10, 2012
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BASED: East Smithfield, PA, United States


Forever Kind

Animal Care Sanctuary is one of the oldest and largest no-kill sanctuaries for companion animals in the United States. Founded in 1967, ACS is a national leader in the no-kill movement and a pioneer in innovative programming. We are committed to the humane treatment of all animals by saving and nurturing lives of homeless animals; adopting each one to a caring, well-matched, forever home; providing affordable spay/neuter clinics; providing community trap, neuter and return programs; celebrating the power of the human animal bond; providing humane education for the public; advocating laws to reduce cruelty to protect and save all animals; and advancing the highest standards in animal welfare.

Animal Care Sanctuary (ACS) is one of the oldest and largest no kill sanctuaries for companion animals in the US.  ACS has been saving animals for more than half a century, having celebrated it’s 50 years in 2017. Its donors and adopters come from throughout the country.  The sanctuary has earned national recognition for innovative programs, its lifesaving mission to rescue, rehabilitate and adopt homeless animals and its advocacy for the wellbeing of all animals.

On any given day, some 300 dogs and cats are in residence. ACS offers food pantries to rural, economically challenged areas. It pulls from closing and other challenged shelters (across the US) that are sometimes overrun by sheer numbers of abandoned animals. Itadvocates for animal rights and responsible pet ownership. ACS is also the only no kill shelter in Bradford, Tioga and surrounding counties in PA.

The Animal Care Sanctuary is one of the few shelters in the nation that has its own veterinary and behavioral staff. It has adopted standards of the American Association of Shelter Veterinarians and participates in Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program at Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine. The college’s vet staff tours ACS facilities annually, offering recommendations for improving the animal’s medical and behavior programs.  To date, we have been 100% successful with the special needs animals that have gone through this program.

ACS has adopted at least 90% of the animals it has taken in and offers two community wellness clinics. These clinics provide the only accessible, affordable source of vaccinations and spay/neuter surgery for pet owners in Bradford and Tioga Counties in PA and nearby New York communities.  The clinic performs over 2,700 spay/neuter surgeries on an annual basis.  

Additionally, ACS has the following innovative programs that benefit animals and our community:

  • Shelter Enrichment                                  
  • Cat Café & Cat Yoga
  • Volunteer Program
  • Humane Education & Animal Advocacy
  • Arts for Animals Internships
  • Emergency Placement Partner for the Humane Society of the United States
  • Project Home: Surrender Prevention
  • Animal Food Pantries in Three Counties
  • Love on A Leash-Therapy Dog Training, Canine Training Classes & Workshops
  • Pup Partners Shelter Services Portfolio
  • Barn Cat Adoption Program & Trap-Neuter-Return Services
  • Karuna Writing Residency partnership with Gotham Writers


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Tax ID: 22-1837635 •


Animal Care Sanctuary

Animal Care Sanctuary

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