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Animal Rescue League ECS

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Mary Withrow


Second Grade wrote -

2A- Do you care about homeless and injured animals? We do and so does the Animal Rescue League! We believe Animal Rescue League is great because they help animals get homes. If homeless dogs and cats had homes their lives would be so much better. Dogs and cats could have fun playing games with their owners. Another reason Animal Rescue League is great is because they help injured animals. If a dog or other animal is ill, Animal Rescue League will help it get better. That is why you  should donate your time and money to help the Animal Rescue League.

Help the animals so they don't get sick and die.You should help by donating food and money to the Animal Rescue League. One way to support Animal Rescue League is to donate money so they can buy medicine, food, and toys. You can also help by giving your time. That is how you should support the Animal Rescue League.

2C-You should help the Animal Rescue League. We believe the Animal Rescue League is a helpful and caring organization because they help animals in need. The Animal Rescue League helps by giving them homes, food, and drinks. Another reason is they give animals a good shelter. They help provide medical attention for animals in need. That is why the Animal Rescue League is a great organization!

We know that the Animal Rescue League could use help and you can help them. There are a lot of ways to support the Animal Rescue League including: volunteering, adopting, and donating. You can donate things like dog bones, leashes, animal food, cages, etc. That is how you could support the Animal Rescue League.

2B- Did you know that the Animal Rescue League takes in more than 100 animals a year? Well, it does! If you like animals you will love Animal Rescue League! They help stray pets find homes. They also help wild animals get better. When they help the wild animals then they get to go back in the wild. They take in pets like dogs, cats, fish, birds, and hamsters. They also take in wild animals like deer, small rodents and more! They care about all animals in need no matter what they are: porcupines, frogs, bees, snakes, almost everything! If an animal is in need they will help the animal recover. That is why you care about Animal Rescue League.

If you ever wanted to help animals in the Pittsburgh area you should support Animal Rescue League. The greatest part about helping this organization is because they make animals feel better and you’ll feel good, too. If you want to help then you can in the following ways. You can donate dog food, cat food, kitten milk, dog and cat treats, and dog and cat toys. You can also adopt a pet or donate money! That is how and why you should help the Animal Rescue League.



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