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The mission of AniMeals is to save the hungry, the helpless, the lost, the little ones just struggling to survive; to house and feed as many animals as possible; to ease the suffering of the weak and unloved; to build a No-Kill community and to reach the achievement of a No-Kill nation. Tax ID 20-4694132


AniMeals was started in 2003 when Karyn Moltzen had a pet food drive to help hungry animals in Montana. Realizing that there was a massive shortage of food in the animal welfare world, she started AniMeals Animal Food Bank, a 501(c)(3) to help the shelters and rescues struggling to feed their animals throughout the state of Montana.  In 2009, she expanded AniMeals’ mission and became the first No-Kill shelter in Missoula County, focusing on rescuing and re-homing cats. The needs of Montana are immense. With large rural regions and several Tribal reservations making up much of the state, raising funds for food is a struggle for many shelters and rescues that support these sparsely populated areas.  Historically, AniMeals supplemented the food requirements of these organizations so they could focus their money on medical expenses, operational costs, and respond to the needs of a diverse and ever-changing animal loving community.

At AniMeals, our commitment creates results. Ending our tenth year of operation, AniMeals is a firmly established animal food bank and critical resource for the state of Montana. Many organizations within the animal welfare community have a long-standing relationship with AniMeals and depend on us to provide assistance in times of need.  In our first year AniMeals fed over 15,000 meals to hungry animals. To-date, we have fed over 2 million meals throughout Montana, Washington, Idaho, and North Dakota.