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Annamarie Trippodi

Annamarie Trippodi
Bloomfield, NJ
Stuff About Me:

We adopted Buddy in April of 2011 as our Female Golden, Honey was getting to be a Senior Girl, 8 yrs old at the time. She was the Queen of the house for 3 years since we lost our Male Golden, Albert, and we thought it was time she had another companion

Buddy was only a year old and even though he had some back problems when we adopted him, he was quite a handful for Honey. It was funny seeing him do all the things she did to our Albert when we got her at 1 yrs old, although we don't think she agreed with us.  In any event, Buddy stuck to Honey like glue, always wanting to play and when he wasn't playing, he would lay as close as he could and always have a paw or something touching Honey.

We thought we would have several years of the two of them together and Buddy would mature to an adult dog before the time would come that we would lose our Sweet Honey, however, that was not the case.  Honey was diagnosed with Canine Lymphoma in June of 2012 at only 9 yrs old. 

We struggled with the treatment options and decided against Chemo for Honey.  It was a very personal decision based on Honey's personality and what we felt she would want if she could speak.  The prognosis was only 2 months.  Honey was having none of that, she thrived and had a fully and happy almost 6 months before she lost her battle with the disease. 

I knew that Buddy would need another companion, but I thought we would wait until the Spring to look for a brother or sister for him.  I soon realized that Buddy didn't want to wait that long as he was lost without his older Sister and we were as well.  Having just gotten back to enjoying two Golden's in the house, it was hard to go back to just one.

We decided to look again a few weeks after Honey passed.  That's when we saw Nicky (a.k.a. Snickers #5) on the DVGRR website.  I read through his bio and saw at the end that he was blind. I honestly didn't hesitate for one second after reading that info and knew people that had blind dogs and how well they adjusted.  When I went further and read his behavior evaluation and saw that his intake date was November 28, 2012, the same exact date we lost our Sweet Honey, I knew that it was meant to be.  Vic had some concerns but we decided we would bring Buddy up to meet him and see how they got along.

Needless to say the Boys got along great and Nicky is even more playful then his big brother Buddy.  We fell in love with him and took him home with us on Jan 5, 2013.  Nicky rode all the way home on my lap.  I think he was almost as happy as we were. 

We definitely were concerned about him hurting himself or getting into something he shouldn't, but he proved us wrong.  We put up gates on our front and back stairs so he couldn't get up them, but after showing him the first floor while on his leash, we gave him full access.  He learned the layout within a day !   We also put cat bells on Buddy's collar to make sure Nicky knew where he was and could follow him around.  We took Nicky out in our yard on his leash at first as we were concerned he could hurt himself.  He was a very well behaved boy and always knew where to go to take care of his business.

Gradually we began letting go of the leash and eventually let him go out without it all, however one of us was always with him when he went outside.  (our yard is completely fenced in of course)  Very shortly, Nicky got the full layout of the yard and LOVES going outside either by himself (we are always watching though) or with his Big Brother.

Words can not express the joy our little Nicky has brought to our household, he is such a loving and affectionate little guy.  He is always happy and ready to play, romp or wrestle with Buddy, or to sit in one of our laps and sleep.  He even has a favorite chair and races Vic to the living room to get in it before he does.   While we would both love it if Nicky could see, he is such a happy boy, I don't think it matters to him one bit.  It definitely doesn't matter to us. He is perfect just the way he is.

We are thankful to DVGRR for bringing Buddy & Nicky into our lives and hearts.




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