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Anna's Youth for Military Family Voices

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“Anna’s Youth Fundraisers” are for the benefit of Military Family Voices, a federally registered charitable entity that preserves the voices of our United States Armed Forces in master quality audio to help reduce their stresses brought on by Military life protecting us all.

Military Family Voices, MFV,, preserve the voices of our Armed Forces and their Families in master quality audio to give them constant comfort downrange, at home and in perpetuity, and that is unprecedented and has an astounding effect on their wellbeing.

The ability to listen to their loved ones’ highly detailed voices as much as they want, whenever and wherever they need to triggers incredible memories and keeps personal bonds and meaningful attachments strong and immediate.

By contently reinforcing feelings in their minds of immediate and relevant ties to their loved ones and being able to trigger/repeat those feelings over and over again these recordings can help mitigate the brutal stresses brought on by the extreme separations and relentless effects of harm’s way that come from Military life.

In this way, these recordings can help preempt the conditions of creeping detachment and irrelevance to family and life that are the precursors to PTSD and the debilitating, dangerous distractions and dysfunctions that come with Military Service.

Anna’s Youth Fundraisers simply raise awareness and funds for these special recordings for all our Armed Forces and their Families.

Anna’s Youth Fundraisers are called “E3 for MFV”, which stands for “Everybody, Everywhere, Every Time,” which pays tribute to the honorable spirit of the Military slogan of “No one left behind”, where no Military Member is left behind by their unit or group on the battlefield. In that spirit, Anna’s Youth Fundraisers always involve some creative and fun version of carrying a person or likeness of a person (a charge) to simulate carrying your buddy or comrade from harm’s way.

Anna’s Youth Fundraisers are organized by Anna Lee, a high school student, and her other youth and adult volunteers who come from all ages and all locations –“Anna’s Youth”. Their “E3 for MFV” fundraisers run a wild range from youth getting sponsors to contribute to MFV so their parents will carrying a “Charge” for an entire day at work, to getting sponsors to support them carrying their charges up mountains, or up skyscrapers, or to events, or on marathons, or on vacations, or from town to town, or around a race track, or to classes, for entire days, or basically anything that makes them carry the “charge” up, through, to, around, into, under, onto, to the top of, etc. in honor of our Armed Forces and in support of Military Family Voices.

The “charges, can be a real person who is carried for a distance and that effort is sponsored or it can be a stuffed dummy that looks like a person or is a piece of decorated, colorful art. A volunteer can make and carry a whole family or animals. Regardless of what they carry in the name of honor and support, they are always respectful of our Military and even when a real piece of decorative art, they are not controversial.

The “carries” can be group efforts or individual carries. The sponsorships in support of MFV can be for an entire carry or per increment like per yard or mile, or city. The possibilities are only limited by imagination.

There are holiday E3’s like Halloween carries, Thanksgiving carries, Christmas carries, and New Year’s carries and other traditions that can be made like birthday and anniversary carries.

The idea is to have a lot of fun, make traditions out of the activities, get the word out about Military Family Voices and raise awareness and funds to support the wellbeing of our Armed Forces –active, discharged, retired, deployed, and Veterans, for every branch of the Military and in eventually all locations.

Presently, Anna’s Youth are working on raising awareness and funds for Military Family Voices’ Pilot Project for all branches of the Military, which is in full swing at Fort Carson Mountain Army Post in Colorado. This MFV Pilot Project is setting the baseline for expanding to all United States Military installations Nationally and worldwide.

Anna’s Youth fundraisers spread the word about Military Family Voices and its incredible effect on the wellbeing of Military and their Families. Their activities also raise funds for MFV, and all funds are donated directly to MFV through Crowdrise, an online nonprofit agency whose specific purpose is to accept donation and distribute them to MFV for legal compliance. Donations to MFV are tax deductible events. Anna’s Youth all gather sponsor support for their “carries” but they do not collect money. Donors/Sponsors go to the Crowdrise website for Anna’s Youth for MFV and donate directly or they can mail a check directly to MFV in the name of the youth they are sponsoring. No cash is accepted for the donations, and receipts for tax purposes are generated by Crowdrise and/or MFV.

Military Family Voices is a Colorado Based Federally registered charity, and for accurate and complete national compliance, will insure that MFV is registered to solicit funds in any state in which Anna’s Youth actively has activities before they seek sponsors/donors in that state.

Anna’s Youth perform an incredible volunteer service for Military Family Voices. Their selfless and spirited activities raise awareness for helping the Military and Families and also, through the funds raised, you all make it possible to ramp up recording capacities to help all the Military and Families make, use and cherish these recordings to preempt the severe stresses brought on by their Military service to protect us all.



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