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Annick is running 26.21875 miles

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EVENT: 2015 TCS New York City Marathon

Annick Thomas


As many of you know, Noah and I will be running the New York City Marathon this coming November. While we both enjoy running, 26 some odd miles isn't the sort of thing we do for fun alone. To make all those miles count (apart from the damage to my dear cartilage) It would mean a great deal to me to raise some money for a cause very near to me.

My grandmother was diagnosed at a young age with CBGD, an extremely rare degenerative brain disease and a form of Parkinsonism. She was a infamous hostess, elegant athlete, and the embodiment of kindness in every form. Throughout her illness, medical research, technology and a community of compassionate human beings, helped her to live, communicate, and ultimately allowed her to fight being trapped in the shell that CBGD and Parkinson's renders the body for as long as possible. Life often deals incomprehensible blows, and it would mean so much to me to give back to a community that gave her the tools to deal with something insurmountable.

For more info on the National Parkinson Foundation, has an amazing wealth of knowledge.

14 years after her passing, I am reminded daily I inherited her legs, and I can only hope her heart too.

See you on the other end of the finishing line,





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