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Another Animal Saved (AAS) is a 501c3 nonprofit animal welfare organization who, through campaigns, donations and events, helps save animals.

http://anotheranimalsaved.org/ Tax ID 45-4780110


AAS has two main goals: 

1)Reduce the animals euthanized in shelters 
2)Assist organizations that are caring for injured animals (including sick, abused, starving, etc.)

We will achieve these goals by following our mantra:
Adopt. Foster. Donate. Educate.

Adopt – Adopting an animal saves lives. By adopting, not only are you making a lifelong commitment to the animal, you are enriching both your life and theirs. AAS will work with organizations to assist in helping get animals adopted. Between marketing, events and networking animals, we can get save more animals.

Foster – Fostering an animal saves lives. Fostering provides the animal multiple things including: time to heal (both mentality and physically), safety, companionship and comfort. AAS will assist organizations in working with fosters by supplementing the cost affiliated with fostering animals. 

Donate – Through fundraising, events and campaigns, AAS will donate funds towards needy animals affiliated with an organization. We understand saving animals gets very expensive, very fast. Donations (both in the form of money and supplies) will not only help with veterinary bills, medicine and other necessary cost – but it will also help get the animal adopted. We will (when possible) contribute to adoption fees, spaying and neutering cost and other costs affiliated with getting an animal to safety. 

Educate – Last but not least, we feel education is one of the key components that will help save animals. Whether it’s educating based on breed, age, potential illnesses or behavior, AAS will assist the community by increasing the understanding of shelter/rescue animals. We believe through enhancing someone’s knowledge, better choices can be made that will result in less homeless and/or shelter animals.