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Another way: Story of an Iranian family in pursuit of freedom

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It took me five years writing a book, which I intended to be just a short memoir, but which turned out to be a much bigger project, in so many ways!  This experience was life changing for me, gave me confidence, passion and drive for life and I want to empower all with the love and knowledge I have gained. I strongly believe that those who seek hope, peace, and another way of looking at life; those who love and value freedom itself and understand just how enormous and life-changing it is for those who do not have it; those who believe in justice, redemption, and that good can come out of bad even from the most difficult experiences, will help me continue this journey towards shearing this valuable insight to the large public. 

I was born in 1970 in Tehran, Iran. After the Islamic revolution of 1979, my family and me were forced like many others to live in environment governs by fear and suppression. We lived through the Iran-Iraq war and bombings on Tehran Intact. I fled Iran in 1983 accompanied by my family. Journey that began in the mountains of Kurdistan and Turkey continued without intermission to Israel and United States in pursuance of freedom.

“Another way” opens the readers mind to the radical religious politics and personal believes from a foreign country and culture differences. By using individuals to make larger points, the reader will realize how our self believes are born and how we carry them with us without knowing. It is equally about a fight for freedom of spirit and compassion, to find a way to be whole again. This story embraces changes in life, there by the title, but it is also about how human rights and 24-hours fight can change everything we thought was natural: to speak up, to communicate with others and to be independent. Not only from the writers view but from the reader with himself.

So it’s time that you join us too. 
Over 350 pages long and broken into 12 Chapters, Another way will be published as an e-book and there is also a lot of demand for it to be a paperback. For this, I need your support. I understand how difficult these economic times are for most of us, so even a small donation to the page, would be greatly appreciated. In the end, with friends/fans like yours, this fundraiser has been set up in the same spirit as everything else we've done so far. So please join us, in whatever way you wish. The donation levels are configured so I’m not making money from your donations, but instead paying for the things needed to bring this vision to live.
By participating in our fundraiser, you will be contributing to shearing this journey in what will surely be an enriching and exciting experience for all involved.

Let us remember:
“People are one of the pillars of history but by hook or by crook, some real heroes in wars are being buried without recognition. Perhaps we do not know their names but their memories must stay alive... after that fate robbed us of everything we had, all we are left with is our words.”

Perks for your contribution

Listed as a “supported ($ 10- $ 24)” on the web site.

Listed as a “Encore society ($ 25 +)” on the web site as well as a signed thank you note on a physical copy. (When it becomes available)

By participating in our fundraiser, you will also be contributing to shearing a histoy.

Another way thriller is ready for your view.

With hope and love
Ash Avi Khalili



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