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Garry Bowie wrote -

Ending the stigma ensures all of us are protected

Everyone knows someone who is affected by mental health issues one way or another, it may be even you. As a nation we talk about seriously addressing mental health issues in our country but we just never do. For thousands of people, some seemingly simply issues can prevent someone from maintaining their health and the health of their community.

Being Alive LA with the help of Antioch University, created a breakthrough, no-cost, mental health program that has made an amazing difference in people's lives while helping to ensure we bring an end to new HIV infections. Our psychotherapy interns help intervene when someone in crisis and suicidal, with clients who cut and self-inflict injury, those who suffer with very deep depression and a host of other psycho-dynamic issues.

How? By eliminating barriers to HIV treatment with psychotherapy specialized in HIV and LGBT issues. Antioch Interns help address body image dysmorphia, survivors guilt, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorders, internalized homophobia, aging, isolation issues, cultural barriers and an array of other presenting issues. But keep our communities safe and healthy requires supporting a program that actually works. So successful is the program that other agencies send their clients to Being Alive. But is costs money to provide these services at no-cost to our clients.

We need your support. Currently our cost to service 149 client each week with clinic supervision, insurance, paperwork and supplies with all 8 interns is only $1,188 a week. What a terrific bargain don't you think to have that many people in mental health care? Unforunately, we don't have the entire Antioch Alive entire covered and with the increase in new clients we really need to add 3 more interns to help the backlog among us and our fellow agencies for those seeking services. Your support is critical to helping our clients get critical mental health.

The bargain price:  $391 pays for 50 more clients a week! So imagine giving 50 additional clients a week of critical psychotherapy counseling.  But not just any psychotherapy, but the nation's best in HIV & LGBT Specialization!  The best part helping exceed our goal and even the required clinical supervision is covered. Helps us add another 2600 hours of mental health services and make a huge dent in the backlog of mental health needs in our community.

Where we are now:

  • 8 interns can handle 5 clients each under supervision by a clinical supervisor.
  • Interns also service short term Crisis Counseling clients.
  • A total of 149 client hours are currently serviced each week.
  • The only agency with NO backlog for Crisis Clients
  • Capacity to add more clients

What we need to address:

  • A backlog of 2-4 weeks for client needing care
  • Increase room availability for client treatment
  • Add another Clinical Supervisor to add more interns.
  • Add 2-3 more interns to eliminate all backlogs including reducing backlog at other agencies.

Our Antioch Alive program helps clients by working through depression and anxiety caused by medication & treatment. develop goals, address substance abuse, self- mutilation, harm reduction or other self destructive behaviors. By returning clients to improved physical and mental health, by getting them back to work or community, and by assisting with re-socialization and integration, the

Antioch Alive program acheives the highest success rate of healthy outcomes with the nation's only uniquely created mental-health specialized program. It is also the only program at no-cost to the clients, because ability to pay for our mostly fixed and low income clients should never be a barrier to good mental health.

Our Antioch Alive program helps the thousands of client-members access our HIV and LGBT specialized, mental-health service. This one of a kind program, goes beyond traditional mental-health, and bring counseling into the world with full understanding of what it is to be living with HIV/AIDS.

For many of our clients, the new opportunities for marriage is a far-off idea or fantasy. The feeling of isolation, agoraphobia, internalized homophobia, stigma, family rejection, body-image issues and an array of self esteem issues force many of our clients to remain isolated or the inability to return to work or community.

Last year, 8,749 client service visits came through this small agency of 3 staff members and a large volunteer team of health providers and community specialists. Now we are trending with over 900+ new clients coming into Being Alive for various supportive care services including mental-health.


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