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All Our Kids


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All Our Kids
Tax ID: 81-2775428
BASED: Washington, DC, United States


AOK: Polishing Diamonds

AOK creates the family we all want, using an approach rooted in love and high expectations to help D.C. young people who lack the support they need define and acquire the resources, knowledge, skills and self-confidence they need to be successful.

We would do anything for our own children. To create a safe, loving space where they are free to dream their dreams, learn to love themselves and others and learn the skills they need to be successful as individuals and as members of the community. That’s what families do, and this is our approach at AOK: we love the kids who come to us as if they were all our kids. We create an intentional family, the ‘beloved community’ that Dr. King spoke about, for our kids. A safe environment rooted in love, trust and high expectations. We connect with kids where they are, help them define their dreams, then work to assemble the resources needed to fulfill those dreams. We have high expectations. We have their backs. We don’t give up on them and won’t let them give up on themselves. It’s pretty simple, really.

Tax ID: 81-2775428 •


All Our Kids

All Our Kids

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