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The Foundation for Osteoporosis Research and Education's Fundraiser:

Athletic and Performance Energy Deficit Prevention

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In 2012, according to the National Federation of High School Coaches, there were nearly 3.2 million girls competing in high school sports. In 2006, it was reported that as many as 60% of high school female athletes were not getting enough nutrition to support the level of energy they were expending, sending them into a state of hormonal imbalance.
Why does that matter? Because when energy output is not matched by nutritional intake it can lead to the body shutting down nonessential functions particularly reproductive development and bone development. This is called Athletic and Performance Energy Deficit or APED.
Girls often develop APED simply because they are not aware of how many calories they are burning. They often underestimate their total need by at least 500 calories without realizing it! Other girls may purposely limit calories and increase exercise to achieve a certain body type they believe will enhance their athletic performance or look more appealing.
Eating enough is especially important for adolescent athletes who not only need ample energy for training and competition, but are also supporting considerable skeletal growth and development.
90% of bone acquisition is complete by age 20, with the bulk of that growth occurring during the years around puberty (age 12-15 in girls) . Most importantly, when active girls and athletes consistently fail to consume enough calories to meet their daily energy needs, they risk developing APED, compromising long term athletic performance, and dramatically raising the risk of poor bone health later in life.
APED can happen unintentionally. APED can apply to the “girl next door” as well as the Olympic hopeful. Our goal is to raise awareness of APED so girls can build bones that are strong enough to carry them through a long, active and vibrant life.



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