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AMI (Apollo Music Institute) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit full scholarship music program, created to offer modern music production/engineering education to financially challenged musicians in developing countries starting in Kenya.


T he majority of the Kenyan population live in poverty, which has been entrenched in the country for generations. Breaking that cycle is a challenge amidst finding sustainable solutions. Apollo Music Institute's grassroots approach aims to alleviate the impoverishment challenge by providing tools, mentorship and a highly skilled education. With a successful career in the music industry, AMI graduates will have the potential to lift their families out of poverty and the ripple effect will be felt throughout their communities. The extended career of an AMI graduate could include teaching, creating concerts, or opening a small business/recording studio.


T he type of education AMI offers is unique to any other existing non-profit organization and is generally significantly expensive. 

Graduates of the AMI program will gain the skills to start a new career, which has the potential to provide an income for the graduate, possibly for a whole family, and lift the family out of poverty (this will have a ripple effect in their community) 

This part time program is for approximately 60 students and will be taking place at our partner school “Kamata Entertainment”in Nairobi, Kenya. The program will focus on teaching students all parts of the music industry, including: 

• Industry standard computer software and hardware 


• Microphone techniques/editing. 

• Business publishing 

• Music Income and Copyright.

T his is a full scholarship based year-long program divided into four 8 week phases. The goal is to introduce students to basic music production knowledge, then gradually advance their technical and skill set. 

The education experience will also include access to a recording studio to allow for more advance hands on recording, mixing and editing processes. After completion of the program, our graduates will continue to have access to the studio to further their musical endeavors. 

Accepting students of any age, our course times will accommodate other life obligations such as concurrent education and jobs. 

Faculty will be comprised of a collective group of professionals both from the US and UK with years of experience either as teachers and/or engineers.