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The pets come to Albany Pet Partners for every imaginable condition; the eye hanging from its socket and left untreated for 3 days,  the birthing mother with a stuck puppy hanging out ignored for almost a week, the young shepherd dog with a rear leg strangulated in his tie-out rope and now with gangrene,  the puppy found after a rain whose body temperature don't even register, and so many others.  Often they come by way of the Animal Control Officer, sometimes with an owner, and usually end up as ours.

And the owners come to Albany Pet Partners for many different reasons; turned away from their own veterinary clinic because they don't have the deposit, the spouse battling critical illness and no longer drawing a paycheck, the victim of another company layoff or closure, forced to move into a healthcare facility that doesn't allow pets, evicted from their home when finances run out. 

How often do you have to turn them away or choose euthanasia? Which do you choose to accept not knowing if they will survive and or if any of the bill will be paid?

How often can you skip paying yourself or make another call to a supplier when you can't pay your bill on time?

Which ones do you choose to help?  Meet Sophie.  Sophie has been treated at Albany Pet Partners since October 2014 and just before Christmas she became ours when the owner surrendered her.  Not only does Sophie literally need a leg to stand on, we have decided to use her cause to establish the Saving Sophie Fund. The goal for Sophie's care is only $1000 but the goal to establish the Saving Sophie Fund for future patients is $10,000.

One of our volunteers has produced a touching video about Sophie.  Please, take a few minutes to meet Sophie and give generously for her and the others which certainly will follow her as needy pets.





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