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The Center for Appalachian Philanthropy (AppaPhil) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, established in June of 2009. AppaPhil's primary objective is to attract philanthropic investment in Appalachia and its purposes are to: (A) offer networking platforms and educational support services to nonprofits, (B) provide and attract resources to help organizations fulfill their missions, and (C) nurture economic development through social enterprise. Tax ID 26-4157889


AppaPhil's team of professionals, from diverse backgrounds, focuses on: engaging communities, building relationships, developing strong leadership, and encouraging collaboration for change, thus creating a more just and sustained Appalachian region. It is concerned with solutions to fundamental problems like poverty, poor health, and low educational achievement.

AppaPhil provides training and support for nonprofit capacity building, facilitates social entrepreneurship, and acts as an incubator for new and needed programs in the rural counties of Appalachia. It serves to attract resources to the region, providing opportunities for philanthropic investment while sharing stories to reflect the good of philanthropy.