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Zzak G. Applaud Our Kids Foundation, Inc...

Zzak G. Applaud Our Kids Foundation...
CROWDRISE : Sep 19, 2017
Tax ID: 82-2417378
BASED: Barnegat, NJ, United States

Zzak G. Applaud Our Kids Fou...

Applaud Our Kids

Help a child find their voice and let the stage be their home

We invite you to join us in helping children with financial constraints explore the arts and discover their talents.


Picture a child singing into their hairbrush, playing chords on an air guitar, or a child who has always dreamt of dancing on stage.  Now think about what those simple things represent to an underprivileged child. These children are looking for a way to creatively express themselves, but are limited due to their financial situation. They think they can only dream about doing these things, but with your help and generous support we can give them the tools and education so that they can take their pretend world and make it real.


The mission of the Zzak G. Applaud Our Kids Foundation Inc. is to provide the opportunity for children to creatively express themselves by taking lessons in the various disciplines of the performing arts. Our goal is to give underprivileged children the opportunity to pursue their dreams when the inspiration is first ignited in them. 


The Foundation provides scholarships in vocal instruction, dance, acting, instrumental music, film and audio visual to children ages 7-18. Scholarship recipients will receive lessons throughout the school year or take workshops during the summer. In order to be considered for a scholarship the parent/guardian must complete an application and meet certain financial requirements. Students must submit an essay or video sharing what receiving this scholarship would mean to them. Once a student is accepted into the program the Foundation will then pair the scholarship recipient with a participating local performing arts studio.


We are building partnerships with local schools as well as other community organizations to identify students who meet the financial needs requirements. 


Low-income students who are highly engaged in the arts are twice as likely to graduate college as their peers with no arts education.  Performing arts education contributes to the proactive development of an individual on many different levels.  It provides children with the opportunity to find their own voice, increases self-esteem, gives them a sense of belonging, and provides an outlet for them to openly express themselves.


With your help, the Zzak G. Applaud Our Kids Foundation Inc. will be able to create an environment for students to develop their skills, confidence, imagination, reach their creative potential and share their gifts.


About Zzak G:

Zzak G. was our Dad, a grandfather, brother, uncle, friend, but he was also a mentor, spiritual advisor, a kindness warrior and an inspiration to all who knew him.  


He was a singer/songwriter who had an extreme passion for the arts.  His passion was so contagious that his three granddaughters continue to be inspired to take the stage in various forms.  His greatest joy was to watch them do what they love. Please take a moment to view the video on this page.  This song was written and is performed by his oldest granddaughter and is a tribute to his memory.


Our Dad wrote a song about a homeless man he had seen being taken away from a storefront in an ambulance after he had passed away due to the frigid temperatures in NYC several years ago. He couldn’t believe that this man died alone. That song became a dedication to a man he never met. Writing this song brought about a talent he didn’t even know he had.  He went on to write over 300 songs.


Two and a half years ago our Dad was suddenly diagnosed with ALS and within three months he was barely able to walk or move both his hands. The disease took everything from him except his voice and when he would sing he was able to forget about his illness.  It was the connection to his passion that kept his inner spirit alive.


During this time his music producer, Tony Coluccio from Global Media Music asked him to be involved in a special project where he would lend his voice to a mutant fish in a children’s show called Goldfish from Pluto.  The show premiered at the PlayStation Theatre in NYC.  It was his Broadway debut, but unfortunately, he passed away before the premiere.  We are grateful to the people at Goldfish from Pluto for keeping his voice in the show.  It helps to keep his voice alive. 


We kept thinking how we could best honor his perseverance, determination, strength, kindness, love of the arts and share his story.  That is how the Zzak G. Applaud Our Kids Foundation was born.

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Thank you for giving a child the opportunity to shine!


The Grinwald Family


Tax ID: 82-2417378


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