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Aquaponics Training for Veterans



EVENT DATE: Apr 14, 2016



In a Nutshell… We are offering training to veterans in sustainable farming methods to help them get a new start in life. Many have suffered PTSD and we believe farming is very therapeutic and almost magical. We have a class coming up April 14-17 and have had many requests from vets wishing to take the course but are looking for funding assistance. We would like to have as many as a dozen vets in this class and with your help this is very doable! If you can donate for this cause to Project Noah, Inc., 100% of your donation goes to vets for taking this class and you get a tax deductible receipt! This is truly a WIN-WIN opportunity!    

Who we are.  

Project Noah Inc. (PNI) is a non-profit organization founded in 1997 for the purpose of “conservation education”.  Today PNI owns a working farm, Caledonia farms, where we have a vineyard, oversee a dozen bee hives and expect that number to double soon, make bio-char for use in the high-tunnels, have “in-transition USDA certified Organic” greenhouses, and an aquaponics system in operation. We sell our produce at local Farmers Markets and directly to locally owned farm-to-table and high end restaurants. While Caledonia Farms is a working/operating farm, PNI will use this facility as a hands-on classroom to teach others about sustainable and innovative methods of farming.

We chose to name our farm Caledonia, because it is the old name of Scotland. Caledonia is not a stranger to warriors or farmers. It became home for many of the Norse in their Viking raids. They discovered the rich and fertile soil and and these legendary warriors hung up their battle-axes and targes and began to farm.  We welcome Veterans to our farm, to learn a new way of life, where he or she can lay down their memories of warfare. Like the seed they plant, they too begin a new life. Here is a farm where there is solace and peace, where life burst forth from the ground and water, and where the sword and spear can be hammered into a plow.  

What we believe.    

In the Torah there was a story of a visionary, when the earth was facing catastrophic environmental disaster, took steps to prepare for the impending danger. Today, with debates of climate change, questions of food safety and GMO’s, government regulations, water quality and sustainable quantity, population demographics and diseases, green house gasses and so on, one could argue the case that once again we are facing catastrophic environmental disaster. We, however, believe there can be a better world tomorrow… and WE CAN make a difference!  

Our Goal.  

Our goal is to offer training to as many veterans as possible. With that in mind, we will host long weekend training sessions to those needing a short but highly intense course in Aquaponics. We believe that growing plants, fish, and farming in general is very therapeutic and can help bring healing and restoration for those returning from military service and find little support in beginning a new life. The advantage we have at Caledonia Farms over many other places that teach aquaponics is the vast variety of our farm. While the training focus in the April class is on aquaponics, participants will see the farm and have some hands on experience with: straw-bale farming, aeroponics, microgreen farming, beekeeping, vermiculture and black soldier fly larvae composting, producing bio-char, viticulture and in ground organic farming practices… all at the same time!  

Why Aquaponics?  

  • It uses up to 90% less water than conventional farming methods, and in drought stricken areas or where water is scarce this is paramount!
  • It can easily produce eight to ten times more vegetables and leafy greens in the same amount of time and space! (10,000 pounds of vegetables and 12,000 pounds of fish have been produced annually while recycling the same water for decades on 1/8 acre of land!)
  • Small carbon footprint with energy savings 75% less than traditional farming methods!
  • Labor is less than half of that required by almost all other food production methods, plus saving time in all stages of production.
  • They can be done free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other toxic chemicals!
  • Aquaponic size versatility can range from apartment/urban size systems to large scale commercial farms!
  • Can operate indoors or out, enabling old buildings, warehouses or “undesirable” land to be used to produce fresh fish, organic vegetables, fruit and more!  

How you can help!  

  • We have already received many requests from Vets wanting to take this course but do not at this time have the funds to do so.
  • You can make a tax deductible donation to Project Noah Inc., and 100% of the funds will go to cover the expenses of the vets wishing to have this opportunity. Cost per vet for the class is $800.00 and that will include lodging, breakfast and lunch. Perhaps you are in position to sponsor several vets or your can only donate $50. Every little bit helps. Maybe you could donate a portion of your tax return?
  • Again, 100% of your money will go to cover the vets expenses!



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Erskine concepts

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