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A race to save my baby girl

Organized by: Thomas Lagios

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Please please I need help to save my child from a woman that is a perfect stranger to my daughter. This is a very bad woman that has lied her way through the court system to take my day her away from Tha on living parent my child has. You see my child's mom died 27 days after she was born (no I was not married to her mother at the time but had plans to be married) we would have gotten married. My child's mom was living with an older man as a caregiver to him. I was not told the day my child was born and the man she was carrying for for some reason signed the birth certificate. And then claimed the child was his. Once the mother died (mysteriously this man from what I can figure out sold my daughter to the stranger that has her now. This woman claims she did not know about me ( but she proved through testimony that she did know. So I have the standard DNA test done and of course I was found that she in fact was my daughter. This was in August 2013. At that point a judge gave me all rights privileges and obligations to my daughter. That decision was three and a half years ago and I have not been able to see my daughter since. This woman along with a dirty judge and a bag man attorney managed to put court off for a year and the whole time not allowing me to visit my daughter. Do you know what happens after a year? They say you abandoned your child and then just take her. Well with me tying to see my daughter and even with the dirty judge lying himself she admitted on the stand that I tried numerous times to see my daughter and she refused visits. This again to Try and take my daughter by saying I abandoned her. I am so sorry this pleading is so long but the best is yet to come I assure you. This woman had to postpone court for a year so she could get a home study done as required by law. At this point she did not have much done and she needed more time to get the home study done. This woman had two sons one son ( by her own admission on Facebook was also a drug addict at 14 when he was 17 he was drugged up and drunk then dove into a shallow pond and broke his neck and rendered him a quadriplegic so between the first home study and the second visit (her being desperate to postpone court to have more time and to make sure he was not interviewed by the social worker he dies most mysteriously ) now you have two people dead that would have had an impact on this case. She tried to use the death of her son to postpone court once again. He died about two or three weeks before court so my attorney wanted a phycolodgeical profile done to see if she really could not be in court. Well she refused the test so her attorney gave an excuse of a DR. appointment and court was indeed postponed for the third time. Well anyway the home study was not done on time but was submitted anyway. The judge proffered it and court cantimued. You see a home study needs to be presented before court it has to be regestered with the county clerk then brought to court. It was not. Both sides rested and court was over so I thought. Remember the proffered home study well neither side wanted to reopen the case to present the home study but the judge reopened it on his own allowed the home study and I lost I circuit court. The judge was and was admitted to by both attorneys bias because he knew the woman that kidnapped my daughter so he saved her in this court. Now comes appeals court. Again both attorneys admitted that one judge on the appeals court was bias in her favor again. Appeals court judges and circuit court judges are close and they talk to each other and have drinks so the lower court judge and the appeals court judge decided to have the appeals court uphold the lower courts decision and that is what happened. Again both attorneys said in private that one judge with the power to sway the other two judges was bias. Now this is where things get very bad very fast. Arkansas Supreme Court. February 9th 2016 decided to violate my rights my beautiful little girls rights ( constitutional and civil rights ) to be a family by afferming the adoption of my daughter to an admitted drug addict and alcoholic ( again admitted on Facebook) and I am not asking you to believe me you can read this on Facebook if you know how to find it. You can also see if she has not taken if off Facebook the face of her quad. son after she abused him in his wheel chair. Anyway the court afermed the adoption of my little girl for three reasons and these reasons are going to open a Pandora' box for millions of parents across this country. The three reasons they give for finding me until fit is because #1 I work yes that is right I have a job and I am not even trying to be funny #2 I smoke again this affects all parents not just Arkansas #3 I live with someone that is not my wife. ( the woman I live with is my housekeeper) #4 I will mention this but they of course are not suppose to discriminate on age but it was mentioned in the final court opinion at this point now I am 63 my young daughter is 4 yhey don't want me to have my own flesh and blood because I am an older citizen. So think about it and I am sure you have people you know in this exact same situation where they are not married to the babies mother but are living together. Guess what now with this disturbing Arkansas decision they are saying that if you smoke if you have a job or you live with a woman or a man that they now can stand outside the hospital ask you these questions and if you answer yes to any of them DHS, GRANDMOTHER ,SISTER, BROTHER, any one that can answer no to all these questions can legally take your child. The Supreme Court of Arkansas has made that possible. It doesn't have to be all four rules it only has to be ONE. Please don't take my word for it I will give you the court case numbers both appeals and Supreme Court case number and if you decide to help me take this to the Federal Supreme Court to show the courts that you can't stomp on parents right and violate the sacred bonds of natural parents please read the two court cases. I urge you to ask your friends to sit down and read this decision that can be used to take your kids or gradkids away from you. Especially read the decending opinion of the only Supreme Court judge that had any sense or compassion for my daughter her name is josephine Heart. She did not agree at all with the dacision and pointed out this decision will change the course of who can keep their kids and who can't . She pointed out where they violated my civil and constitutional rights she also pointed out that they held me to strictly comply but on made her substantial comply. She told them the courts had it backwords. They never by clear and convincing evidence had the right to take my daughter. You can read the appeals court opion if you go to Arkansas appeals court and type in my last name Lagios or the case CV~14-63 the Arkansas Supreme Court docket is Lagios V Goldman docket m number CV-15-491. I have mortgaged my home used my savings borrowed on my truck and spent 30,000 already if I have to beg for help for my daughter then so be it. This isn't about me or my little Mary's family it is about Mary and her safety in the future. I have to try and overturn this or every parent is subject to having their children taken away. I talked to a constitutional attorney and was told it will cost five hundred thousand dollars to go to Federal Supreme Court. If you can help me fight this maybe my efforts will help someone you know. PS I had NBC contact me and wanted to speak to my attorney and my attorney did nothing it is now almost two weeks since the opion was posted and I have not heard from him yet. My attorney and their attorney go on vacations together so one more strike against me. The ACLU was willing to help my attorney all he had to do is call him but again nothing happened. I live in a small town called Smackover Ar. So the good old boy way is alive and well. Anyway please please read both court opinions before you do anything about money. We the people being parents can not let this case stand. Please any amount you can help with will go to a very good cause please I beg you to help save my Mary!!!


Organized by

Thomas Lagios

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