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Art Resource Collaborative for Kids

Art Resource Collaborative for Kids
CROWDRISE : Jan 06, 2016
Tax ID: 45-5442979
BASED: Boston, MA, United States


Our Mission

Empowering students with high-quality arts education that fosters culture and community while also supporting a school’s learning objectives.

ARCK’s vision is to fill the gap that is so often left by omission of visual art education from a school’s curriculum. Our interdisciplinary arts education curriculum is designed with the personal integrity and cultural background of the individual student in mind, honoring his or her ethnic origin and language orientation. In a safe and inclusive environment, we strike a balance between mutual respect and creative exploration, encouraging students to engage fully as single artists intent on their personal projects and as social creatures who can help one another with those projects. We encourage students to express themselves freely in response to thematic and formal prompts, but we do so knowing that the finished products will bear recognizable similarities that can bring the students together.

Our interdisciplinary arts education program focuses on themes of leadership roles, social justice, and civic engagement through culture and community.  Students in our inclusion classes, who might, for example, be autistic, can benefit from performing or presenting their artwork while learning literacy and arts and culture history. Arts education alone is wonderful , and lends itself to the freedom of self-expression and nondiscriminatory language — but by incorporating other learning objectives and themes of positive character development, we are empowering students to be leaders, socially responsible and compassionate and involved in civic activities.  We have to do all of the above to enable Boston to be a city truly rich in arts and culture, by preparing its children to be confident and engaged citizens.

Tax ID: 45-5442979 •


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