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CROWDRISE : Aug 28, 2014
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From Crisis To Controll

Areivim’s mission is to help facilitate the healthy growth of the family unit. Areivim’s focus is on teenagers and their parents.

Even within our Orthodox community, some families are finding it difficult to function effectively. The number of potential health, emotional, educational, and social issues, and the number of crises, are increasing at an alarming pace. Many families lack sufficient financial, emotional, and informational resources to create a successful home. As a result, these families are unable to cope with their daily responsibilities. In addition, the number of divorces is increasing; the number of teenagers abusing substances is increasing; and the number of hours spent dealing with teenagers and adults in marriage and family therapy is skyrocketing.

Frequently parents find that as they address one problem a second one emerges, either as a result of the first problem or because the second one was allowed to fester because of the first problem. Families with problems require a person, or a group of people, who can gain their confidence, have the broad experience to assist with multiple issues, and have the resources to help numerous families at the same time. Such a person or group will be able to map out an all inclusive plan for the family, while constantly monitoring and, when necessary, intervening.

Areivim teaches teenagers, as well as their parents and siblings, the necessary coping skills, and introduces them to educational resources and mentoring services, in order to help the teenagers succeed within the family and educational systems. Areivim becomes part of the family.

Areivim believes that parents who cannot cope need more than a therapist; they need a “third parent.” They need a person who is as caring and involved as the parents themselves, but is objective and experienced.

Areivim is aware that in order to be successful, dozens and sometimes hundreds of hours must be dedicated to a family in crisis. As parents, we realize that there’s no such a thing as too much time invested in one’s children.

By helping to create a loving environment for teenagers during those sensitive years, Areivim is helping Klal Yisroel become a better, more connected community.

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