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Argot Publications Inc

A non-profit for every perspective. Tax ID 81-2386206


Argot Magazine is a non-profit magazine that spans the worlds of queer culture, the feminine narrative, and marginalized experiences. Most magazine-format websites still center on those with relative privilege; corporate and independent sites alike tend to focus on a narrow realm of perspective. The content out there for LGBTQ people and especially women at the margins - disabled women of color, poor trans women - is even more limited.  

We primarily publish work from writers and artists who live at the intersections of marginalized identities. We intend to provide an avenue for up and coming writers and artists to be published and have a voice, especially given the cacophony of the current political climate.

Much of these demographics struggle with institutional income inequality. Because of this, giving our writers and artists a platform and community is only part of our mission; an equally important part is providing paid work for talented people who often have not been able to be published elsewhere.

You will find our that our contributors come from all over the globe and write about just about every experience one can fathom-from a trans* womens' modeling agency in India, lesbian bars in Cambodia, our disability reviews series, where folks with disabilities review experiences and for accessibility to a journalism piece on women in prison in Croatia.

These pieces are written by people in their communities and edited by our editors working with them so we maintain a high quality of writing while still a vast community of writers across the globe.