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Arizona Dragon Boat Association

Arizona Dragon Boat Association
CROWDRISE : Jul 18, 2017
Tax ID: 42-1599346
BASED: Tempe, AZ, United States


Arizona Dragon Boat Associat...

BCS Dragonboat Paddlers

Finding hope and a new normal with a paddle and a boat

Dragon Boating has been proven to increase the overall health and length of survival while decreasing the incidence of lymphedema following treatment for Breast Cancer Survivors.

The goal of the Phoenix Desert Dragons team is to extend our support network to better serve the many women and men diagnosed with breast cancer each year in the Phoenix area by encouraging them to lead full and active lives. 

Why We Paddle

Cancer is a rude, unwelcomed guest that shows up in our lives unexpectedly with no invitation. It turns our world upside down, robs us of our energy, disrupts our sleep, distorts our dreams, and leaves us uncertain of our future. The treatments we endure leave us worn down, nauseous, and scarred, all of which are merely minor dents in the armor that we wear to fight this rude, unwelcomed guest.

Cancer teaches us that life is short, to live out loud, to laugh loudly and often, to love with all we have, and to be patient and kind. It teaches us that we are much stronger than we ever imagined. And while the journey feels so lonely, it also teaches us that we are not alone.

We are surrounded by our caregivers, friends, and family that hold our hands along the journey, push us through when we think we cannot keep going, and pick us up and carry us when we are not strong enough to do it on our own.

We create unbreakable bonds with survivors that have walked this journey before us, those that walk beside us, and those that will walk the journey after us.  Our journeys may not be the same but we are forever connected through our experiences.

Dragon boating is a way for us to take back our lives- to remind ourselves that we are strong- to find solace on the water.

We paddle because we can. We paddle for those who can’t. We paddle in honor and memory of those who are no longer with us.

Tax ID: 42-1599346 •


Phoenix Desert Dragons

Phoenix Desert Dragons

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