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ORGANIZER: jonathan

EVENT DATE: Sep 15, 2015

Phaedra Earhart


jonathan buford wrote -

We wanted to say thanks to the men and women who have served our country. Here is a few personal stories from freind who have served in the military and that the Wounded Warrior Program has positivly affected them:

As a 10-year active duty Army, combat veteran, I left the Army with issues that were both visible and “nonvisible.” I explored many different avenues to seek help, all these avenues offered the same help, but nothing that compared to the help I would receive after I joined the Wounded Warrior Project. Wounded Warrior Project is unique in that you get one on one peer mentor help from other combat veterans that are experiencing similar issues or have been going through the same thing. This type of help is undesirable; this cannot be bought, taught or recreated. Sharing thoughts and experiences with others that have experienced or that are going through the same thing, is the type of help that helps individuals cope and unload the strong emotions festering inside of ones self each and every day. WWP offers all sorts of various events and programs to help combat vets get through the issues that make a good day bad. For example, I was involved with the Soldier Ride, Chicago; WWP organized a ride for 54 wounded warriors to ride bikes through Chicago. This allowed the wounded warriors to share stories, issues they are experiencing and a chance to get active once again. A lot of warriors struggle going through each day because of high anxiety, hyper-awareness, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, anger, and being guarded, so WWP has set up events and activities to get wounded warrior out of the “rut” and back into a normal sense of being. I can honestly say that they helped provide that for me. Going and see doctors who have never served or experienced things wounded warrior have, makes it difficult to talk with and for them to understand the true emotions someone is going through. Without the Wounded Warrior Project, things could be a lot worse for myself, but with the events and connections I have made because of WWP, each day continues to get better. I can only speak for myself, but this organization is something I am proud to be apart of and anything I can do to help with it, they is no need to ask. I say thank you to them and thank you to all the wounded warriors!! Because the greatest casualty, is being forgotten. Thank you and

Gods Speed, Wesley Miller Former Staff Sergeant/OIF Combat Veteran


   A lot of us join the military and find ourselves immersed in a family of the likes we have never known before. To work side by side everyday with people you know would, not to be cliche, "Ride or Die" for you. Always training and preparing to protect Americas freedoms and the rights of every American citizen. 
    Then the call happens and we are going down range. It's time to soldier up and call upon all the training and personal courage to perform the mission. While deployed every soldier knows there is a chance of injury or death while performing daily duties but it is tucked away behind the loyalty to their duty. 
    This being said the dedicated men and women or the United States Armed Forces are some high speed people that go hard in everything that is put before them. Some of whom have given so much of themselves physically and emotionally.  This is where the amazing men and women at the Wounded Warrior project come in. This organization raises awareness and enlists public help to address the needs of the injured soldiers. 
    With the donations from the public and other organizations the project is able to help give a life back to those who gave so much for their country.
    I have a very personal connection to the project and the support they provide as I am a disabled Veteran myself. This organization is a continuation of the family that was had during active duty. A group of people willing to "Ride or Die" to get the needs met, to provide training and the support needed to perform your daily mission. Giving hope and opportunity to so many soldiers that gave so much to this amazing country. 
    Please find it in your heart to donate anything to this life changing project. No amount is to small to give to help change a soldiers and their families life.


Matthew Ehnis
Disabled Veteran
United States Army


Thanks again for doing this.  I really can't explain how much it means.
So, for me seeing you guys work with WWP is a clash of titans really.  Since medically retiring for PTSD and TBI symptoms last year after 9 years in the Navy as a FMF Corpsman with 6 different units within the 1st Marine Division, I have found a new haven and home in the craft beer community.  Having seen so many injuries first hand at war over seas over the years, I know what it feels like to have open arms waiting for you.  Having a group like WWP that has representatives waiting at every Military Treatment Facility upon every patient coming and going from within their care... they get it.  Seeing the love they have provided to so many families and service members to assure that in the darkest of times, these families have means for light.  To continue to raise awareness and carry the flag even today against the 22 service members we lose on a daily basis to the war we brought home, is a glorious need.  To see my dear friends from AZ Wild partner up with contemporary juggernauts at Hess Brewing, does my body good.  This community we have the privilege of working in is the closest thing to the family and the bonds of brotherhood I grew to know in the Navy and it comes as no surprise that two of the classiest and genuine groups in craft beer have come together to raise money for a cause that is closer and dearer to my heart than I almost have the words for.  The respect and admiration that these men have shown me personally as a friend and peer knows no bounds, and to see them unconditionally share that mantra to every service member they can... is love.  Period.  Giving back love to those who gave all.



If we raise 5k by our 2nd anniversary party on Sept 4th, Greg Hess of Mike Hess Brewing and the Beards at Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co will be cutting mullets into thier dome. It'll be ugly, stupid, rediculous, and FOR A GOOD CAUSE! Oh, and WE ARE MATCHING THE DONATION MAKING IT A 10k DONATION!!!!! And, the largest donor will get a kick ass gift basket from Mike Hess Brewing and us!


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