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Armed With The Arts Inc

Armed With The Arts Inc
CROWDRISE : Jul 18, 2017
Tax ID: 46-2834604
BASED: Santa Barbara, CA, United States


Peace through art.

We get kids involved in and educated about Peace. Our Peace Crane Project is world's largest independent Children's Peace Education Program.

Our team works tirelessly to get hundreds of thousands of kids involved in peace activities each year. We believe that educating kids is the key to changing to future and we are doing that in the millions. 

Our call to action is simple: Use art to engage children all around the world in Peace.  

To do this, we run a number of projects. On top of the Peace Crane Project, we publish engaging kids books, have fun sing-a-longs and make art exhibitions that tour around the world.  

Want to do something that genuinely creates positive change? Join us today: 


Tax ID: 46-2834604 •


Want to get involved? It'd be amazing if you created a fundraiser for our charity and helped us raise money. Create a Fundraiser