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Arming The Militia

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The American Militia Association would like your help to raise funds necessary for our 501(c)(3) public charity to move to the next step in arming and training Americans across the United States in order to defend life, liberty and property, by allowing us to become a fully BATFE licensed, yet non-profit importer, manufacturer and dealer of all classes of firearms and destructive devices, under Type 10, Type 11 and SOT Classes 1, 2 and 3, abilities which will enable the organization to begin arming local civilian populations with low cost, mass produced, weapons and ammunition necessary for civil defense and training activities.

As Congress and the states have failed to exercise their duty of training and arming the militia, this task is left to the largely defenseless population, absent all but small arms which are far inferior to the weapons of war which would be employed by a foreign or domestic enemy invader. The security of our nation depends upon a well trained and effective militia, adequately armed for this purpose.  This duty is not limited to those who chose an active career in law enforcement or the military, but all Americans in all local towns across the nation.

The American Militia Association recognizes that the right of Americans to keep and bear effective arms have been infringed and violated by legislative acts and the formation of regulation bodies such as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms Enforcement agency. In accordance with such law, and in order to protect our volunteers and certified member organizations from unjust prosecution under unconstitutional law, proper registration under these established rules and payment of such implemented taxes, schemes devised to reduce our capacity to be adequately armed, is the only current legal method for circumventing these infringements.



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