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Help an Army Air Corp Vet Relive his Passion for Aviation

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Talmage “Tal” M., 93, has been passionate about aviation for over 70 years of his life. Currently residing in Denver, CO, Tal’s wish of a lifetime is to go to a museum that showcases airplane’s over the last century- the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

When Tal was about 20 years old, he was enrolled in his first semester of medical school and was serving through the National Guard in Lincoln, Nebraska. Tal’s role through the National Guard was to be one of the chefs for 150 men- the work was fairly easy, and it allowed him to make money during his studies. Unexpectedly World War II broke out, and he volunteered to serve his country through the Army Air Corps- now known as the United States Air Force. This completely changed Tal’s life path from becoming a Doctor to becoming a full time pilot. Tal had gained previous experience in flying prior to serving in the Enlisted Reserve through the CPT program, and therefore they kept him as an instructor at Douglas Army Air Field in Arizona. Tal loved flying the B-25s and teaching others how to successfully navigate and utilize the weapons aboard the aircraft. Seeing as how the Army Air Corps kept Tal stationed on base as an instructor, he was never relocated outside of the United States during the war. Tal knows that although he did not fight in battle, his role was crucial for the survival of the soldiers overseas.

After serving for 4 years through the Army Air Corps, Tal finished up his service with the rank of a Lieutenant. He did not want to give up his passion of flying and teaching pilots, therefore he became a civilian pilot instructor. His passion for airplanes did not stop there- Tal was able to open up his own aviation business called Tal Miller Aircrafts in Colorado that sold various types of aircrafts. Tal was able to meet many well renowned pilots in his time including Elrey Jeppesen- the man that the Jeppesen terminal is dedicated to at Denver International Airport. Tal Miller’s involvement in the aviation world led to his induction in to the Colorado Aviation Hall of Fame in 2001 at the Centennial Airport in Colorado. Tal has wanted to return to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum since they built the new annex for the museum over 10 years ago. Tal would love to reminisce about the advancements made in aviation since the 1940s.

Wish of a Lifetime plan on making Tal’s wish a reality by sending him and his granddaughter Leslie to Washington DC where they will be able to explore the older section of the Smithsonian, plus the new annex that is located in Virginia. Tal is ecstatic to be able to relive his passion of aviation by exploring the history and generations of advancements made in the aviation world.



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