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Arnold Melgar

Arnold Melgar
United States
Stuff About Me:

When I think about music, I can’t help but think about my life. I can remember my mom playing her Saturday Night Fever Vinyl during the weekends while she was cleaning our apartment and me looking through the rest of her collection deciding on which vinyl we would play next; I would always pick BAD because MJ has always been my favorite.

I’m a Miami Native Born & Raised and I say that proudly because I’ve had the opportunity to see and experience it all. I have an older brother who put me onto Hip Hop culture when I was 3 years old when he would play 2Pac and Biggie on the stereo. We would sit by the radio just to record certain songs that would play throughout the day in order to make a “mixtape” to listen to on our spare time, that was being done on a cassette tape by the way. My brother would memorize exactly where the songs would start and stop because that’s how much we listened to those tapes. We lived and breathed the culture and we’ve never stopped since those days. Almost all my memories are attached to my city in some way, man living in Miami in the 90s was too much fun. Somehow, someway music from all over the world would make its way to Miami and I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by a family who has always appreciated Good Music.

Listening to all of 2Pacs’ albums as a child drastically shaped the way I viewed the world, especially as it pertained to the world of music. I developed a passion for deep bass lines and aggressive, conscious lyrics, that in my view speak to the soul of the everyday person. During my middle school years I would spend days just listening to music and writing down the lyrics to my favorite songs, this is before Rap Genius. I remember first listening to Twista and being gobsmacked by how intricate his rhymes were, and still are, and deciding then and there that I would decipher his lyrics in order to know the songs inside and out no matter how fast he would spit his bars. The music I’ve appreciated over my lifetime has given my memories a context that I don’t believe to be possible without the use of music. I have a deep, symbiotic relationship with the music that I listen to and I know that my life will forever be tied to the music I love.

Working with Addicted 2 F.A.M.E. has been an opportunity that I will forever be grateful for. Will, our Visionary and leader, has believed in me since the very first conversation we had 2 years ago. I’m big on vibrations and the vibes I get from working with this talented, hungry, humble team of ours have given me hope that one day we will all reach our dreams. If you're reading this, my message to you is to Manifest Your Destiny because my team is putting in the work to manifest ours. Godspeed. 



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