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Our Mission is to create a healing environment in the homes of children affected by serious medical conditions in our communities.

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A Room to Heal was established in 2006 and embraced by our local community as a public charity.  This All Volunteer Organization is run by a hands on board of directors, committing donated funds to children in need within our community.  We are creating the possiblility to expand this service nationwide.  This will be acheived through securing foundation money in exchange for advertising shares.  This money can come from other foundations, corporations or small businesses.  We will form a complementary A Room to Heal Foundation, Inc to pay salaries and non-room related expenses to serve the nationwide mission.  The foundation will also operate a related business for additional income to support expenses along with donating a percentage of sales to A Room to Heal. Inc. public charity.   The existing public charity side of A Room to Heal will then be able to donate 100% of individual donations to the children that we serve, expanding to initially serve the United States and then possibly internationally.  The employees of the Foundation side of the business will orchestrate the activities of local contractors, volunteers and suppliers to deliver the mission in each community.  Traditional and social media advertising through the sydication of the rights to publish room activities will reimburse the corporations and small businesses that purchase advertising shares.  Other supporting foundations will also be recognized in the advertising to serve their missions.