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An exciting new series coming to you from across the globe! Help us launch EPISODE ONE!   GOAL is $7,000-$10,000* *We will start executing with $4,000* *UPDATES:   2/5/12 -- Our final GOAL on the HOMESTRETCH is to reach *100* CONTRIBUTIONS!  Any size, any amount... most importantly, If you like the concept, please just MAKE A PLEDGE and help us reach that coveted 100!          BUSINESS SPONSORSHIPS -- starting at $500, $1000 and up -- we welcome select companies as sponsors. Your company will be visible on this episode for the entire life of the show, as well as be mentioned in every future press opportunity.  (We've already had a newspaper feature and radio interview about this project and we're only at the beginning.) Your logo and company name forever emblazoned on this episode will remain in front of our many (to 10's and eventually 100's of thousands) of viewers and fans that we can reach through social media, emails, and of course live screenings of this episode once completed.  This episode will reach an increasing number of eyeballs, as the size of our fanbase and viewership continues to swell!   FOR EVERYONE -- for every pledge of $500 or more, we have arranged for social dance classes (for a month) to be provided for an at-risk youth, from the Gravity Organization, whose mission is to prepare youth transitioning from out-of-home care for adulthood by providing a supportive environment that addresses their emotional, physical, and social needs.  We love what they're doing for foster care kids, and they also feel social dance training can be a wonderful benefit to some of the kids they work with, as it teaches respect for the opposite gender, communication, and can instill pride in a young person. Find more about them here:      ** INDIVIDUALS: ** **  If you're new to this CROWD-FUNDING concept, try it, at any level!!  **  It's a very cool new concept, it gets people involved without waiting for a TV exec to make it happen at this stage, and you will be updated throughout the process of making a SHOW!
(Plus it's great karma.)
    Every grand vision begins with a step. This is that step!   Note from the creator: Hi everyone!   THANK YOU so much for coming to this page, and for offering support to our fundraising campaign. I am deeply grateful for all the positive response and excitement we have received along the way, and all the offers of help and desires to be involved. ANY LEVEL of contribution you can manage is all I ask...just whatever you can do, and it all adds up. I promise, your help -- whatever the amount -- is DEARLY APPRECIATED!  I am so excited to launch this exciting project, and to get as many people involved as possible at this ground-floor stage, to help us get it off the ground!    This project has much passion driving it, and I fully expect it to continue to grow over the years...and it will find its ideal landing/distribution spot, whether that is a world-popular webisode or a network television show (or both). But in order to go to the next level, we can't do anything without a strong first EPISODE.  That is what this campaign is all about. Help us raise what is essentially a conservative budget, to kick this show off with a great Episode One, to entice potential producers, sponsors, funding well as viewership.  Businesses can help out at this level as well, and have their names as visible as the show is!   And, since you are contributing, I want you INCLUDED in the process, so I ask you to VOTE for which dance/location you would like to see get made! Please include your vote in the comment section as you check out, or email it or your comments to me at:    I want you involved! PLEDGE your amount, and SPREAD THE WORD to others you know who love dance, want to learn to dance, or are interested in various aspects of world culture, traveling...or who just love the idea of helping a new show get started.  I am SO grateful, and SO excited to give this project legs. And when we meet the goal on this campaign, PLEASE EXCEED IT!  We have a website to build, and more episodes to do, so every dollar that you contribute will be wisely and efficiently used...and with my SINCEREST THANKS. I want to acknowledge my contributors every chance I get, with credits on the show and the website...and I will always remember you were part of the beginning.  Thank you for believing in this vision, and in me.   With gratitude... see you dancin'... Lucinda     "If you're going to support an effort, get behind a go-getter!"     The more we raise, the more we can do to get this underway as a series: make the best first episode, build the website, and start making more episodes...   * Your dollars are also your VOTES -- for which dance & destination you want to see*     The Premise of the Series Like no other dance show currently on air, "Around the World in 80 Dances" involves dance-hungry viewers IN the adventure of the genuine social dance, rather than presenting you with more flawlessly danced routines you’ll never be able to do yourself. For those true lovers of rhythm who have already watched hours of polished performances on stages with experts and judges, the REAL dance is not under those glitzy lights with professionals. It’s deep in the roots of cultures around the world, and it’s about connecting with real people, sharing meaningful time together and having fun. And who knows, maybe striking some romance too!  The premise of "Around the World in 80 Dances" is the challenge: to go throughout the world, and dance every style possible, native to various countries and regions. Just as the best way to eat Italian food is IN Italy, if you’re going to dance a tango, nothing beats doing it IN Argentina! In each episode we explore a new region, culture and its dance, guided by our dance-loving host whose goal is to earn a stamp in her Dance Passport™ with each accomplishment, and show you how to do the same from home. This is not only a dance show to be watched, but one that invites viewers to join the journey and step into the adventure. It's exciting and fun

In the show, we watch the adventures of our enthusiastic host Lucinda (and potential guests) while attempting to accomplish her Dance Passport™ stamp, through exposure to the local culture, local dance clubs, picking out the proper dance attire, meeting musicians that play this style of music, even having a characteristic meal at a local restaurant prior to the big finale. The journey will culminate with her performing what she’s learned in a lively local dance environment: perhaps a club or festival. Whether or not the steps are perfect, it’s more the sheer excitement, the effort in dressing the part, the willingness to boldly get in front of locals and show them THEIR dance, that earns Lucinda her STAMP of approval in her Dance Passport™ !

Why it’s unique This show is more about the adventure, the fun and the social aspect of learning to dance, such as the connections that are made with other people of all backgrounds, than it is about professional dancers putting on a flawless performance and striving for perfection. Dance, as it’s done socially throughout the world, is an experience of connection; it’s not about just steps. This show reminds us that it’s a fun thing for all people to do, as well as a window into culture, not just something reserved for the highly-trained athletes and perfect ballet-bodies. This aspect gives “Around The World In 80 Dances” a unique spin from the other dance shows out there right now which center around (sometimes intimidating) dance competition. The show also gives us a more authentic look into the background and culture and personality of the dances, in a fun explorative way that is more entertaining than instructional. Plus, through the Dance Passport™, “Around The World In 80 Dances” also offers viewers a new fresh challenge to take on, or gift to a spouse, while tying straight into and benefiting the dance industry (ie instruction, apparel) throughout the U.S. and the world. For the millions of people who have either tried dancing socially, or who are avid social dancers, the allure of this show is to see their beloved dance (i.e. the Viennese waltz, the Brazilian samba, etc) danced IN its country or region of origin, WITH the authentic flavor of locals, and BY an everyday dance lover like they are! The allure for everyone else, such as non-dancers or those who have thought about trying it, is catching some inspiration and entertainment value, following the host's travel and dance adventures in the company of flirtatious or fiery locals. Even dances that originate in the US, such as hip hop or swing, are certainly immersed in a dance culture to be explored! MISSION: A DESTINATION, A CULTURE, A DANCE!   Be more DIRECTLY INVOLVED in making the show

We have 8-10 episodes roughly "slated" for the first season. There are so many wonderful dances out there, from the popular to the exotic. We're leaning toward the more familiar ones to start off, and are aiming to do the first one in California..... the West Coast Swing!

Which episode would you like to see happen? When you pledge your money, you will VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS (ie a $50 contribution will be 50 votes). In the comments area, please enter one of the following dance/destination episodes from the list below (or suggest a different one)! Your input is valuable. If you have any other comments or would like to be involved with helping in any other way (or want to send your vote privately instead), you can also email 


* WALTZ in Vienna, Austria *

* TANGO in Argentina *

* SALSA in New York City *

* WEST COAST SWING in Sacramento *

* ZYDECO DANCE in New Orleans *

* BELLY DANCE in Turkey *

* IRISH CEILI DANCE in Ireland *

* HIP HOP in Bronx, New York *

* POLKA in Czech Republic *

* DANDIYA in India *

* FLAMENCO in Spain *

* LINDY HOP in New York City *

* HULA in Hawai'i *



What We Need & What You Get

The budget for an episode includes:

-PRODUCTION CREW:  1-2 camera(s) and camera operator(s), a producer (and location scout) and possible PA on set, several locations over 2-3 days time, including shooting some b-roll of sights at destination. 

-TRAVEL, ACCOMMODATION: air travel for host and line producer (or, just host given lower budget) to and from California, and 3-4 nights stay on location while prepping and shooting.


-OTHER FEES & EXPENSES on location: such as dance classes, entry into dance functions, other costs 


-POST-PRODUCTION:  major editing skills and time, including developing the show's opening title graphic sequence


-DANCE-RELATED clothes and proper dance shoes (part of the show features proper clothing and shoes for the dance)

-WEBSITE BUILD: to develop the website home of our show further, and build an online community of viewership and fans.

All funds raised in excess of needed budget for this episode, will roll over to further WEBSITE BUILD and EPISODE 2. And yes, in that case, your producer credits and thank you's will also roll to the next episode as well. 


With your contribution, you become a PART of this exciting process

Whether you pledge $10 or $1000 or beyond, we will value you as a huge part of the REASON this first episode was able to get off the ground. You will all be apprised on the progress of the crowd-funding campaign, and of the development and production of the episodes. You will always be a valued name in our hearts (and on the credits of the show) because you were not only our first fans, but our first supporters. The upcoming website will have a special page dedicated to those who have tangibly supported this show, and your name will be displayed proudly. You are on the ground floor of a smart and marketable concept, and as this show continues, grows, and takes off, you will be people always associated with its beginnings. 

Check out the perks we're offering for your contribution. We want to include your name credit in the show and website. (Of course, should you want to remain anonymous, you can do that too.)

SPECIAL NOTE:  Thanks to The Ballroom of Sacramento, one at-risk youth will receive one month of social dances for every pledge at $500 or above. Social dance class is a phenomenally productive growing experience for a child, that can teach respect for the opposite gender, communication, and instill pride in knowing something special that few children get exposed to at a young age. We are grateful The Ballroom of Sacramento for not only being a great place to learn to many types of dances, but also for teaming up with us to make the community, and our young people, better.

Appearing on the show, as a guest:  Contributions at the $500 and above level will earn you (or a friend) an invitation to join Lucinda on set of a show, to participate in the dancing! [Note: travel and accommodations not guaranteed; and this perk will be honored provided we have full creative control of future episodes.]

Future of the show:  Down the road, we will be keeping our eye open for guests to appear on the show, participants to learn the dances with the host, and... maybe even a co-host. So, where better for us to look for people to fill these roles than in our group of supporters!  That's YOU!  

If you are on Facebook: be prepared, you may find a very enthusiastic "shout out" on my wall or fanpage when you pledge! (Unless you select "anonymous" when you contribute, or email me that you specifically don't want one.)




Other Ways You Can Help

Remember, we can't do this initial episode without you, and we also can't reach everyone about this campaign. You know many people we don't know, and possibly some who would not want to miss out on this opportunity to support a unique dance/travel show on the ground floor.  Be SURE you spread the word about it.  You just never know who will want to be involved and want to lend support...don't be afraid to talk about it! Send people to this site, or to, to learn more, and emphasize how valuable their contribution is, whatever the size!

Please tweet this page to your followers, share it on your Facebook page, post the link to every social networking site you are associated with. (See the buttons, under the video screen? Click "LIKE" to easily share on Facebook, or share the link directly, or tweet it, or email it...with a few clicks.) It takes a village, and that's what we all are, helping to support one with worthy enterprises. These days, it seems like that's how so much is getting done in the world. People at "ground level", not just the millionaires and billionaires, can make an impact and get things done...if we all just step in to the ring with our contributions!  LET'S DO THIS TOGETHER!


Thanks for supporting our project, and for participating in Crowd



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