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J Miller's Fundraiser:

Arrest Dick Cheney

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J Miller via Crowdrise
August 30, 2011

The deadline to give to this project is "before Cheney passes away of natural causes."  See more
J Miller


So the original plan was to create a fundraiser that would accumulate money until the goal was met - that goal being the successful citizens' arrest of Dick Cheney. But CrowdRise requires that a donor be selected in advance. Therefore, all of the money raised will be donated to the Center for Constitutional Rights, who will probably then be hired to represent the citizen(s) who successfully arrest former US Vice President Dick Cheney. Think of it as paying your legal fees and bail money in advance.

"Successfully perform" means that the arrest shall lead to a trial. The arrester does not have the be a US citizen and the trial does not have to be in the United States. The arrester can be a law enforcement officer or a citizen performing a citizens' arrest (where such arrests are legal, although minor details like what's legal and what isn't never stopped Cheney).

All money raised will go to the Center for Constitutional Rights, who have done excellent legal work on these types of issues (extraordinary rendition, extrajudicial killing, illegal detentions, etc.).

If you need to know why Cheney ought to be arrested:

  • Cheney was instrumental in starting the illegal invasion of Iraq - an act that led to the loss of thousands of American and Iraqi lives.
  • Cheney was instrumental in the authorization and execution of prisoner detention and "enhanced interrogation" policies that violated the Geneva Convention, a treaty signed by the United States and holding force of law in the US.
  • Cheney authorized a secret CIA assassination program that he deliberately concealed from Congress, also a violation of law.

It could easily be argued that other Bush administration officials, including President GW Bush himself, are also guilty of these crimes, as are the Obama officials who are continuing these exact same policies. However, Cheney is the public face of these policies, and he is currently touring the United States to promote his book in which he not only defends his illegal actions, but actually brags about them.

Arresting Cheney would set an important precedent and act as a warning to other government officials who believe they are exempt from the rule of law.

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