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The project group is a small crew of friends: filmmakers, artists, photographers, cameramen and painters- who are founders of Gori Photographers club. Gori is a small town of Georgia (country) which is famous for being a town where Joseph Stalin the leader of the Soviet Union was born. And our main goal has always been, the town to be not only a place where the Red Dictator was born but a place of art, inventions and cultural initiatives. Especially after 2008- The Russo-Georgian War as our town was attacked and bombed by Russian aviation. Our group is a a nonprofit arts engine, which has worked on a projects like: movies about history of Georgia (including movie about 2008- The Russo-Georgian War), photo projects about different problems in our region( e.g. gender equality), public performances and so on. we have also been organizers of national holidays in our region- like Independence day of Georgia, days of our town, Children's Day and Etc. our town is a historical one, apart from Stalin Museum there is a "Gori fortress" and lots of other museums. But many years ago there was one more, museum of castles and fortresses, where all the models of them were located. But after it's opening soon it was closed because of the soviet government's decision and the building of the museum started destroying. Time by time it became an unofficial public toilet and landfill. As the building is located in the center of our town (in front of "Gori fortress") and there is a big square around it, the condition of the building really damages the cityscape of our Gori. So we decided to start repairing the building and the huge square around it. We wrote a project for the local government and introduced them the plan of it's development. They discussed our plan and decided to gave us the building with the square. it was an unprecedented case in Georgian history and it was a month ago. After it we planed activities to clean the area with volunteers it took quite a long time because the building was extremely dirty. Then we did some desinfection work and now the building is ready to start repairing but we don't have money for it. Though we planed some charity evenings, e.g Gori women's choir did a charity concert to help us, some NGO's also tried to help, but we collect money only for repairing the roof. Finally We are planing to adjust the building from a landfill into an ART HOUSE which will be a free space for all kinds of art initiatives. There will be a library, a presentational room and a constant exhibition hall inside the building. We are also planing to make photography courses each year and what about the square- we are going to make an ECO space as there will be used only reduced materials. WE HAVE A DREAM. We have a dream that one day there will be a super creative and active space in our town. And now our dream needs your help to make it happen.



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