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happy fathers day and love, …
happy fathers day and love,
julie, stuart and emily
4 years ago
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ArtCorps, Inc
CROWDRISE : May 24, 2010
EIN: 20-3995543
BASED: Ipswich, MA, United States


ArtCorps, Inc


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Support our mission by creating your own fundraiser. ArtCorps is a dynamic social enterprise using the arts to advance social change in developing countries. Each year, ArtCorps sends volunteer professional artists to support the environmental, public health and human rights initiatives of Central American organizations. During their one- to two- year placements, the artists use murals, theater, stories, puppetry and other creative facilitation techniques to educate and inspire people to participate actively in improving their communities. ArtCorps artists train both community members and organization staff in our field-tested Art for Social Action methodology.

Since 2000, ArtCorps has sent 49 artists from around the world to train more than 20 different organizations in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to incorporate art and culture as a tool for engagement and empowerment, impacting over 50,000 people in more than 180 communities.

EIN: 20-3995543 •


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