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Art eNergy Karma Healing



Art eNergy Karma Healing (ANKH) program is a holistic program to heal, transform and empower survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. This program is provided by the Innocence Stolen Innocent Still Foundation Inc. a 501 (c) 3 organization in New York. So far we have partnered with community artists, yoga and meditation instructors that have volunteered their time and energy to make this program a success.  But we need your help.


 We are at an exciting new stage of the ANKH program. The ANKH students that range from ages 16 to 26 have experienced a turning point in their healing process.  Some have gone from feeling helpless and suicidal to having new hope and strength.  The ANKH program is unique that in conjunction with trauma counseling we use a holistic and artistic approach to guiding them in their healing process. This unique program comes with increased cost. We have been able to survive since the programs inception but we do need your help to carry on. ANKH cannot continue without our friends help. You can help by supporting our crowd rise fundraiser, by donating a minimum of $10.00.

Your support will not only mean a lot to me personally as a survivor of sexual assault but it will mean a lot to the ANKH student that depend on the ANKH program to feel and remain alive. Your financial help will not go unnoticed.

Thank you for your generous support.


Qumyka Rasheeda Howell


Innocence Stolen Innocent Still Foundation

Art eNergy Karma Healing Program

Ending sexual violence with the courage to talk and wisdom to listen.

PS: Want to know more! Here it is.

Founded in 2006, Innocence Stolen Innocent Still is a leading, non-profit that provides outreach, educational and support services to men, women and youth . We bring awareness to interpersonal violence and support survivors healing and self-worth.


Innocence Stolen Innocent Still is dedicated to preventing interpersonal violence and promoting justice by:

  • Supporting survivors to empower themselves.
  • Facilitating outreach and educational programs
  • Leading prevention and intervention workshops
  • Building partnerships with individuals and communities
  • Engaging survivors in their own healing journey and realize their self-worth though our Arts eNergy Karma Healing (ANKH) program

I.S.I.S. Expertise

We work with and support survivors and communities across the country.  We are experts in working with diverse populations. 

Services and support provided is meaningful and culturally sensitive.  The majority of I.S.I.S. clients are of diverse ethnic background, all sex and sexual identities.   Overall, 59% are African American or Caribbean, 21% are Latino, 15% White, and 5% Asian/Pacific Islander. 53% of all of our clients are of the LGBT community.

Join us to find out ways you can get involved:

I.S.I.S. Foundation Founder/Director

 Qumyka Rasheeda Howell: is a survivor, an educator and an advocate for survivors of sexual and domestic violence. She is an award winning philanthropist. She has her master’s degree from Stone Brook University. She counsels victims and run empowerment groups for survivors of sexual and domestic violence in New York City and across the country. She is an empowerment coach and authored many articles. She leads art and healing retreats for survivors and worked with organizations that focus on social change, community empowerment and the elimination of the sexual violence culture.

 She is the Founder and Director of Innocence Stolen Innocent Still (I.S.I.S.) Foundation and the innovator behind I.S.I.S. Foundations’ multi award winning Art eNergy Karma Healing (ANKH) programs that has empowered survivors across the country. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the New York State Coalition against Sexual Assault and the first Leadership, Empowerment and Advancement cohort for the Women of Color Network and the California Coalition against Sexual Assault.

 ​​Qumykas' hope is to live in a world that no longer tolerates sexual violence. Her life’s journey is to seek opportunities to forward her mission through art, contemplative thought and social change for all of humanity.



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