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Amateur Radio Tower Foundation, Inc.

Providing resources to help with emergency radio communications, educational advancement, and the community projects and programs of non-profit amateur radio groups.


 The Amateur Radio Tower Foundation, Inc. is in it's start-up and asking for your help and support in It's mission to:
1. Establish a regional emergency communications network that will encompass Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Missouri.
2. Provide resources for education in radio communication and electronics.
3. Provide resources to help not for profit amateur radio groups with their community projects and programs.

As a 5O1c3 your donation will not only help your community but also help you as a tax deduction. Our goal is to raise $35,000 for the above projects. This money will be used to purchase the necessary equipment , educational materials, and funds necessary to help jumpstart these necessary and worth while projects.

Amateur radio operators provide emergency radio communications even when all other systems fail. Whether a disaster or during storm watches, radio amateurs are working to keep our communities safe. From electrical grid failure, earthquake, or EMP pulse Amateur radio operators are able and willing to keep information flowing, even when no one else can. We are often called upon by governmental agencies for help. In fact amateur radio operators are part of homeland security. Amateur radio operators do all of this and more without any compensation whatsoever.

When disaster calls, radio  amateurs answer. Please help us help you.