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Artfully Aware

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Artfully Aware is a global not for profit established in the United States and in the United Kingdom that uses the arts as an important tool for social improvement and emotional recovery of persons who have experienced traumatic events, disabilities or living conditions. We are a member of the United Nations Global Compact, and our board of directors and advisors serve in leadership capacities with organisations including the Aspen Cancer Conference, The Hunger Project, Council of American Ambassadors, United Nations Fund for Women and USAID.


We implement a range of educational arts programmes locally, nationally and internationally, in order to promote empowerment, cultural understanding and enable individual and community development. Our work provides the opportunity to create arts projects, exhibitions, performances and educational curriculum. All programmes draw on five major categories: drama, dance, music, media and visual arts.


Artfully AWARE extends an invitation to all businesses, philanthropic foundations, artists of all persuasions and individuals who have a stake in wanting to give members of our communities the tools for empowerment through art. This is an opportunity to partner with us by helping to create tailor made programmes designed to provide opportunities, in the same unique way that we have given back to communities in New York, Florida, the U.K., Uganda, South Africa and Swaziland. We continue to demonstrate how the power of artistic education and workshops can generate income for both the community, as well as for the individual artists by helping to provide shelter, food and a platform for individual expression through a collaborative support system.