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Glenna Lakey-Corry's Fundraiser:

Arthur Lakey Memorial

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Glenna Lakey-Corry via Crowdrise
April 18, 2012

All donations can be mailed to Seawright Funeral Home in care of the Arthur Lakey Memorial Fund, P.O. Box 192, Inman, SC 29349  See more


Glenna Lakey-Corry


I have set up this memorial fund to raise money to pay for my daddy's funeral expenses and final resting place costs.

Arthur Lakey was known as a very hard working, loving husband, father, grandfather & brother. For many years he suffered from heart disease and endured many corrective surgeries. Sadly on March 29, 2012, his heart decided to finally rest.

Unfortunately, a year ago, his heart gave his life a major scare that required him to quit work and live on a limited income. That not only led to an increase in stress, but resulted in the loss of many things including his life insurance. Here he was, jobless, no life insurance, and now with his health condition, not able to obtain a new policy.

His loving wife of 7 1/2 years, Andrea, has been left with sadness of his loss, but also the devastating cost and task of laying him to rest. She accepted the least expensive services possible. Not even able to have any type of memorial service or gathering. Nothing!  Just a cremation, a flag to honor my daddy's military background, and one flower arrangement. =(

You see, my daddy was not a celebrity or a rich man. He was a provider and a true protector!

I grew up in a home with an alcoholic mother who was not always so friendly. My father stayed for 18 yrs, dealing with all the drama, and the pain and suffering that comes with a relationship like that. He stayed to protect me! To keep me from ending up with some unknown drunken step-father, or in those days, being drug from bar to bar with my mom. To keep me from suffering the consequences of  the bad nights my mom would have. I didnt realize until I was older, why he stayed. He could have walked away at any time and left me to deal with the awful world of that kind of life. But he didnt! He never left my side! He never gave up! I decided to marry at the age of 17, and this set him free from the life my mother offered our family. Their divorce became final on my 18th birthday.

In 2004 he would marry a remarkable lady who would love him with every ounce of her being, and show him what happiness feels like.

He would then spend the rest of his life being a dedicated employee to his employer. NEVER missed a day of work, and rarely even took his vacations. He was the kind of person who would stay the storm. When most of us make every excuse not to show up in the sleet or snow, my daddy was the man that would stay 24 hrs shifts to make sure the job never stopped. At one point, my daddy had over 7 years of perfect attendance on his job, until one night he had a mild heart attack. Even then he did not want to leave work or be out the next few days.

Funny when I come to think of it ... He stayed the storm when it came to life as well. You dont find many men like my daddy anymore. He was indeed one of a kind!


I, as his daughter, ask that you please offer a donation to assist her to pay these final costs, and to allow her and I to travel to grant his final wish of being laid to rest in Texas. Our plan is to place some cremains in his home town of Nixon, Texas, then to spread some cremains in Rockport , Texas where my daddy took me every summer to vacation as a child, and to get a moment away from some of the home life we endured. My daddy's birthday is Sept. 14, so we pray to have enough funds raised to travel to Texas during that time to celebrate his birthday and grant him this final gift.

I have decided to dedicate my first Peachtree Road Race Marathon (yes I am going to run! HA!) to him and use it as a fundraiser to thank him for his love and generosity  towards me and to get him home to Texas and clear this lingering debt for Andrea.

I ask that you please donate any amount that you can to help us honor him.

Thank you all so much for taking the time read about my Daddy! =)

Also, please take a lesson from all of this ... GET LIFE INSURANCE, and PLEASE keep it!

All donations can be mailed to Seawright Funeral Home in care of the  Arthur Lakey Memorial Fund, P.O. Box 192, Inman, SC 29349



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