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CROWDRISE : Oct 10, 2013
Tax ID: 46-0868741
BASED: Plainfield, IL, United States


Mission Statement

Artists for Awareness, Inc. was founded to support and promote the success of charities that serve the interests of veterans and their families. At Artists for Awareness, Inc. we understand the challenges that our military and veterans face, not just in combat, but also in returning home. With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury affecting so many brave men and women in uniform, having a method of healing through art can have a tremendous impact on their mental well being. Art expresses emotions that words alone cannot. Our organization strives to give those veteran artists a voice.

Artists for Awareness, Inc., in conjunction with The Dirty Canteen, uses art as a tool to enrich the lives of Veterans.  While Artists for Awareness, Inc. is a young organization, we are eager to make a difference in our communities and in the lives of others. To ensure that we have the maximum effect on the most people possible, no persons affiliated with or working for Artists for Awareness, Inc. or any of its subsidiaries accepts a salary or any income of any kind from this organization. We feel that we should be the first to volunteer to help our communities before asking others to and to lead by example.

Tax ID: 46-0868741 •

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The Dirty Canteen Documentary

The Dirty Canteen Documentary

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5% Raised of $10,000 Goal